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The questions are the same for a house that may be only 40 days or less old. Is the wiring adequate for your needs. Is the wiring 'safe' and up to code? Do you have your own inspector, do you have any 'special' needs, and what would changes or upgrades cost from a contractor? You need the basics for a house to make it into a home. Do you have or anticipate extra power loads? Air-conditioning or other appliances? What about a garage workshop? Outdoor lights? Cameras? If you are in an industrial area (as I am), you may need extra filtering for your computers and other entertainment systems.

I would recomend getting a qualified electrical contractor to do an inspection of the electrical, over someone who inspects everything. Most can do it in about one to two hours, money well spent, if you are serious about buying the home. He will look in places where problems are typically hidden and someone not of that disipline would not think to look. Out of experience he will know what to look for, and can in some cases give you a estimate to repair at the same time.

2015-07-14 16:08:43
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Q: As a buyer what questions should you ask regarding the electrical wiring of a house over 40 yrs old?
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