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If Spain has higher diploma or foundation degree, that is what it would be equivalent to.

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Q: Associate degree equal to what category in Spanish?
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What would an associate's degree in culinary arts and an associate's degree in business administration equal to?

It is equal to two associate degrees in different areas. However, the expertise and experience gained through the culinary arts degree with the addition of the business degree should be favorable to employers who realize the beneficial outcomes it can bring to their business, especially with businesses on the higher fine dinning end.

Is bss community college certificate of assodegree is valuable for job?

what is the meaning of associate degree it means equal to degree & what is the meaning of credits

On the job training is equal to an associate's degree?

No it is not, unless a regionally college or university evaluates your work experience and applies those credits toward a degree.

What is equal of associate's degree of US in India?

The equivalent of a United States Associates degree in India is the Associates of Arts or AA degree. It is a two year degree where the student earns 60 credits.

What is the US educational equivalent of a Spanish Postgrado en Ingeneria del diseno industrial?

It is equal to a U.S. Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design

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