Astra ignition problem

Updated: 12/10/2022
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keeps coming on trip consumpion on clock how do i take it off

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Q: Astra ignition problem
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Why at several times no ignition suddenly with periods of normal ignition in opel astra 1993 some told me a battery problem is that right?

hello i have a 1996 astra 1700 td the windows do not work and the car as no ignition lights still starts the temp fuel and rev counter do not work some body help me

Astra ignition lights?

Astra ignition lights? Don't want to be sarcastic,but what do you actually want to know here? On most modern cars,Astra included,when you turn the key,all the warning lights come on as a "self test",then go out as the ECU checks the items they pertain to.The ones which stay on are ignition/charge lamp and oil pressure.Once the engine starts,these too should go out,unless you have a problem.

How do you start a 2010 Vauxhall astra?

Get in car. Put key in ignition switch. Turn key.

How to change ignition barrel on a 1995 astra estate car?

See answer to same question further up this page.

What is the ignition timing degrees for a 1986 Astra Merit 1297cc?

8 degrees before top dead centre

Reset astra service light?

before you turn ignition on hold in your milometer button it should go off .

Why does exhaust indicator remain lit whwhen there is no problem with exhaust vauxhall astra?

Because there is a problem, and you don't realise it!

Inspection reset on an opel astra?

Hold the speedo reset buton down when tirning on ignition after about 30 seconds it will reset.

How do you replace an alternator on a vauxhall astra 1.6?

what would the problem be with my Vauxhall astra if I was driving it and the car cut out but would start back up in 5 mins time

Power steering gone on your atsra automatic?

what is the problem with my power steering on astra automatic

How do start your common rail Astra diesel?

1) Put key in ignition 2) Turn key Good things come to those who wait :-)

How do you reset inspection2 symbol on astra?

foot on brake , hold trip reset in and turn on ignition after 10 seconds insp will reset then you can release all!