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Idle speed is normal.

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Q: At what RPM should your truck be when timing it?
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Why does your 1999 Dodge truck timing stay 35 degrees advanced at 1100 rpm?

The computer controls the timing. It will move it where it wants.

Why does your 1999 dodge ram truck timing stay 35 degrees advanced at 1100 rpm?

The computer controls timing, it will set it where it wants.

What is the RPM speed recommended for setting the timing on 1991 mustang 5.0?

Timing and idle setting maybe computer controlled and not adjustable. If they are adjustable should be 825-850 RPM

Chevy 350 timing degrees?

It is best to start at 8 degrees at 600 rpm for auto and 6 degrees at 800 rpm for manual. The total timing should be around 33 degrees.

What should the timing be set at for a 95 Toyota truck?

There should be information regarding the timing degree on a decal locaded under the hood.

When should you change the timing belt on a 2000 Chevrolet 2500?

That truck does not have a timing belt. It has a timing chain that will last the life of the engine.

1978 350 with HEI ignition what should the timing be set at and at what RPM should the engine be running when you set it and does the vacuum advance need to be disconected?

SBC timing should be set at about 6-8 degrees advance with the vacuum disconnected at idle, about 600-800 rpm

What is a truck cam phaser?

It's an adjustible timing gear that retards and advances cam timing based on engine load and RPM using oil pressure and a toothed wheel with a bigass spring in it.

Timing on a 89 dodge truck?

The timing on a 1989 Dodge truck should be set to 10* after unplugging the temperature sensor.

If you installed a chip on your truck will it affect your timing when you adjust it?

timing should be set with chip disabled(curb idle)

What is the timing for a 460 Ford?

The timing for a 460 Ford engine is 14 degrees before top dead center. The engine should idle at about 600 rpm.

How do you set the timing for a 1992 GMC truck?

The computer should set the timing automatically by the sensors. If you change it, it must be done with a handheld computer.

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