At what age can you be emancipated in Pennsylvania?

PA Age for Emancipation In Pennsylvania, the legal age of majority is NOT 21 any more. It is 18. So once you are 18, you can legally move out. Some counties within Pennsylvania do not participate in the emancipation process.

Pennsylvania does not have established grounds or procedure for emancipation. The legal age of majority is 21, because of this it is possible to petition the court for the "removal of disability of age" if the person is at least 18-years-old. The state's legal age of majority is 21. There are not grounds nor procedures established in Pennsylvania for the emancipation of a minor. However, due to the age of majority it is possible to file a petition requesting emancipation rights if you are at least eighteen. Exceptions are seldom made unless the circumstances indicate the necessity of the granting of emancipation rights to insure the well-being of the persons involved. A minor child needs to be at least 16 years old. Emancipation procedures differ somewhat in all the 67 PA. counties. Department of Human Services combined with REAAP handles emancipation requests, 1-215-686-8328. If the minor is in an abusive or neglectful situation they should contact DHS in their county or city. If they feel they and/or other family member(s) are in immediate danger, call the local police department or 911 for emergency assistance.