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At what age will you most likely die if you started smoking at age 15?

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It doesn't work that way. Smoking modifies risk factors. Your probablility of getting certain serious diseases increases dramatically with every year that you smoke.

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When did America enforce the smoking age?

well...... the America enforced the smoking age in the 1920s and to be exact it started in 1923

What age was Robert Pattinson when he start smoking?

He started smoking at the age of 17 when his uncle introduced him to the filthy habit.

When did Mark Twain started smoking?

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What age did Jeff hardy start smoking?

well,jeff hardy may not just release tat to the press justlike that but i think he started smoking at age 22 or 25 "Jeff Hardy was born on August 31, 1977. He's 31 . And he's 6 ft and 1 in. "from that i pretty much think he started at 24 is most likely hope this helped!

What at age people start smoking marijuana?

i started at 12

What age did rihanna start smoking?

Rihanna started at 11

What age did Johnny cash smoke at?

Johnny Cash started smoking at the age of 12.

Does Shenae Grimes smoke?

yes she does she started smoking at age 16

What gender is most likely to smoke?

In the past it was mostly men until advertisers promoted the idea of women smoking. Now, both genders are about equally likely to smoke. What matters most is the age. Today, teens to adults are most likely to smoke.

When did Kristen Stewart start smoking?

at about age 15 she really started smoking at about 11. she had to smoke in the movie the safety of objects

Does Lindsay Lohan smoke?

yes she does smoke she started smoking at age 18

How old do you have to be for smoking cigarettes?

18 to buy them but if some one younger than that smokes they cant really get in trouble but besides that no real age i started smoking @ age 12

Why does Kristen stweart smoke?

She started smoking at the age of 17, she learned that from her old friends

What age did wiz khalifa start smoking weed?

He started in his early teens and he got caught by his mom at age 15

Why 18 is a legal age to smoke tobacco?

At any age younger than eighteen, you are still considered to be a minor. Most people's body's are still growing even after they turn eighteen and become adults. At this age, smoking can, and most likely will, stunt your growth.

Does china ann mcClain smoke?

yes she does she started smoking at age 12 she smokes newport

Does China Anne McClain smoke?

yes she does she started smoking at age 12 she smokes newport

Average age for teens to do drugs or smoke?

i think the average 0oo4 teen t started doing drug &smokingwell for smoking is thirteen

What age group are you most likely to suffer back pain?

Back pain can start at any age but the most likely age is from 40-46 age.

What age group most likely to be violated?

Ages 14, and under are the age groups most likely to be violated.

What are the visual effects of smoking?

it makes a person look older than then they really are. when this starts all depends on when you started, but by the age of 40 most smokers look 50

Who will get psoriasis?

Anybody can get Psoriasis but the most targeted people are people that are often stressed, smoking, or often out in dry weather.

What age do people start smoking weed?

People can start smoking Marijuana at any age. I personally started at 13. It is extremely common for people to experiment with marijuana in their teens or even when they're in college.

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Bruno Mars is smoking crack because he started smoking at the age of 11 and got addicted to drugs like meth,cocaine,crack,marijuaba and tobacco

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