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Friedland, Murat leads one of the greatest cavalry charges in history. Marshal Lannes was attacked & then, literally, the Cavalry arrives. The Russians lose 80 Guns & 25 000 men.

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At what battle in 1807 did Napoleon trap a Russian army against the alle river thereby forcing the czar to sign the peace of tilsit?

Battle of Friedland

How did the French Navy contribute to the winning of American independence?

By threatening to invade England, thereby forcing the British to keep its fleet in home waters.

Why did Napoleon Bonaparte decide to attack Egypt?

His invasion of Egypt was an effort to halt the UK trade with India and to thereby economically weaken that nation.

Why is the lbw rule set in place in cricket?

To prevent the batsman to protect his wicket with his leg pads, forcing him to play at deliveries thereby allowing a chance for the bowling team to get him 'out'.

Advantages and disadvantages of Indian Culture?

One advantage to the Indian culture is they believe strongly in a good education, thereby forcing their children to get the education that they deserve. One strong disadvantage is they don't have the freedoms that Western culture has.

Why did Joseph Stalin enter World War 2?

Germany attacked the Soviet Union thereby forcing it into World War 2. Stalin had tried to stay out of WW2, but when Germany attacked, Stalin was forced to defend the country.

Is nepotism a form of discrimination?

It can be- It keeps out those who are not apart of the "clan" so any "non-clan" members are thereby discriminated against.

Who ended Greek mythology?

The Christians. As Christianity spread through Rome, the Roman army conquered Greece ,thereby forcing Christianity to be the main religion. However Greek myths are still told and there are people who follow the Greek religion.

How can you claim relief from losses on sale of shares?

Not against earnings (from your income tax), but you can offset losses against future capital gains and thereby reduce your capital gains tax (UK tax law).

How do shots help the immune system?

They have a weak dilute of the disease so the body will build antibodies against the disease thereby causing immunity.

What is Latin for thereby?

Latin for thereby is illic or ibi. Inde

What are snowballs strengths and weaknesses of animal farm?

Snowball's strength in Animal Farm is that he is aligned with the other pigs and thereby given credibility and authority. Unfortunately, he is not as convincing a politician as Napoleon and ends up being chased away from the farm.

How do you make your deck better?

By always having the latest addition of cards and always creating new strategies thereby surprising your opponent no matter who you duel against.

What role does water play in a borax water and glue solution?

In a starch-type glue (e.g. a wheatpaste glue / wallpaper glue), the borax acts as a gelling agent, thereby increasing the viscosity and glue strength. Borax also has fungicidal properties, thereby acting as a preservative against mould.

How do you spell thereby?

t-h-e-r-e-b-y = thereby

Advantages of separation of powers?

The theory is that under this system, no ONE branch of government can become mmore powerful than the others, thereby ensuring against an oligarchy or dictator.

Which country won the rugby world cup in 1991 and who did they beat in the final?

Australia won the final against England, thereby winning their first rugby world cup.

Can the bill of rights be invoked against private individuals?

The Bill of Rights only specifies things the Federal Government is not permitted to do. It thereby ensured rights of States and Individuals.

How do you punctuate using the word thereby?

When using the word "thereby," you use a comma before the word, as in, "I added powdered sugar instead of flour, thereby ruining my cake."

Why lucius cornelius sulla famous?

Sulla is famous because although he was an impoverished patrician, he became a consul and dictator thereby holding the highest offices in ancient Rome. He gained his power through military victories and winning the civil war against Marius. He also tried to restore the republic to its original structure and was the first to use the power of proscription against his enemies.

What does thereby mean?

thereby is used to state or introduce the result of a situation mentioned beforehand example- regular workout strengthens the heart, thereby reducing the risk of heart attack

How did Ivan the Great make further Russian expansion possible in the 1500's?

Ivan III (the Great) freed Russia from Tartar control, thereby allowing the money previously paid to the Tartars to be redirected into expansion and building.

What were the effects of the US's isolationism?

US isolationism in WW1 essentially meant that the US public could not be persuaded to enter into a war which they saw as taking place far away from their shores, in the old European countries/nation states they, or their ancestors had left behind. It was not until the sinking of the Lusitania ( with the loss of innocent American lives) that President Woodrow Wilson was able to come to the assistance of the Western European Allies, against the German, Austro-Hungarian , and Ottoman Empires. It also meant that the delayed action allowed the Russian revolutionaries to gain popularity with the Russian people as the slaughter continued unabated, thereby adding to the factors responsible for the Russian Revolution and the overthrow of the Czar.

The enclosure movement in Britain most directly impacted the development of the Industrial Revolution by providing?

a ready labor supply for factories and businesses.This is because the enclosure act forced many small farmers off of their land, thereby forcing them to move into cities, where more industrial opportunities were becoming available.

How is pressure made?

Pressure is simply the constant bombardment of atoms against a container's wall. The hotter the substance inside the container, the faster the atoms are moving, thereby making the pressure increase.

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