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Pain during ovulatory times can come before while the follicle is filling with fluid, during while the follicle is actually rupturing to release the egg, or following due to the formation of the corpus luteum. At ovulation, the ovum (egg) is dropped into the tube where it awaits sperm. If sperm are on hand and penetrate the egg fertilization occurs. Your most fertile times are about 3 days before ovulation and the day after ovulation just to make sure you've got it covered. You can tell ovulation with the great new digital ovulation predictor kits they have out now, you should also see a change in your cervical mucus where it turns into an eggwhite consistency a few days before ovulation. That mucus is where the sperm will thrive. It provides a nice environment for the swimmers...they can feed off of the nutrients in it to make the journey up through the uterus thru the tube to the egg. I would say any of those three days leading up to ovulation and the actual ovulation day itself and you should have everything covered.

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Q: At what point of the painful ovulation is intercourse best for conception before the pain during the pain or shortly after the pain?
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When is the gender determined?

The gender is determined shortly after conception.

How fast can you get gonorrhea?

You can catch it the first time you have sexual contact with an infected person.The infection will occur during or shortly after intercourse.

Can you get pregnant after 10 days of ovulation?

You Can not get pregnant 10 days after ovulation, as the ovum only lasts up to two days after being released. After that there is a time of infertility then the periods and shortly after that ovulation again. Have a look at the related link (Fertility Timing) below to get some idea of the timing involved in this process.

What does brown spotting and pain mean after your period?

It is probably because you are ovulating (releasing an egg) Lots of people get pain and brown spotting during ovulation, which occurs shortly after your period

How long after implantation bleeding stops will you be able to do a pregnancy test?

Implantation bleeding only last a couple of days and only occurs shortly after conception. Answer 1-3 days

When must intercourse take place for fertilization to occur?

when the egg has just been released or shortly before it is released (sperm can live inside the woman for a few days after sex)

Why there is gases after intercourse?

Some time if intercourse is perform with the female in the all fours position, (doggy-style) the anatomical way the penis is inserted can cause air buildup in the vagina which will be released shortly after intercourse a.k.a. (queef). If you are talking about yourself having gas as the male, then that could be explained as you triggering your parasympathetic nervous system allow the bowels to to relax and expel gas. This is nothing to be concerned about.

Can there be a miscarriage at 3 weeks?

Yes. Many pregnancies are ended naturally by the body shortly after conception, because the body has determined that the egg is defective, or did not implant properly. Most women didn't even know they were pregnant.

What is the function of the amniotic sac?

After twelve days of pregnancy, the amniotic sac forms inside the uterus. It begins to fill with fluid shortly after conception. The function of the amniotic sac is to hold the baby and the amniotic fluid for the pregnancy.

How do you know if its vaginal bleeding after conception or periods?

Some women get implantation bleeding shortly after conception as the fertilized eggs attaches to the lining of the uterus. Implantation bleeding will occur before the time when the regular menstrual period is due. It is usually brown to light red in color and is more like spotting than a flow of a regular menstrual period.

Is Down syndrome sex-linked recessive?

Down syndrome is caused by a third copy on chromosome 21 and is present at conception or shortly after. It is mostly a random (and relatively common) occurrence, unless it is of the translocation type which is rare and genetic.

When is ovulation time before or after mestruation period?

You ovulate anywhere from your 10th day of your cycle to your 20th depending on your body. You ovulate usually shortly AFTER your period. Discharge changes to an egg white thick mucous and that is your most fertile time.

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