At what point of the painful ovulation is intercourse best for conception before the pain during the pain or shortly after the pain?

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Pain during ovulatory times can come before while the follicle is filling with fluid, during while the follicle is actually rupturing to release the egg, or following due to the formation of the corpus luteum. At ovulation, the ovum (egg) is dropped into the tube where it awaits sperm. If sperm are on hand and penetrate the egg fertilization occurs. Your most fertile times are about 3 days before ovulation and the day after ovulation just to make sure you've got it covered. You can tell ovulation with the great new digital ovulation predictor kits they have out now, you should also see a change in your cervical mucus where it turns into an eggwhite consistency a few days before ovulation. That mucus is where the sperm will thrive. It provides a nice environment for the swimmers...they can feed off of the nutrients in it to make the journey up through the uterus thru the tube to the egg. I would say any of those three days leading up to ovulation and the actual ovulation day itself and you should have everything covered.
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What does ovulation pain feel like?

ovulation pain . \nA pain on either side(kind of like a pulled muscle) of your ovaries that lasts about 2-3 days. some women never experience pain at all but it is usually 2 weeks after your period.

Is it normal to have pain during intercourse during pregnancy?

It's probably from the extra blood flowing to your vagina which makes it extra sensitive, if it hurts you should hold off on sex. normally it helps the baby be conceived quicker but if it starts hurting, hold off on the sex for a little while

How painful is the first intercourse?

I am assuming that you are asking from the perspective of a woman who is having vaginal inercourse for the first time. The experience can range from unpleasant to mildly painful to quite painful with screaming and struggling on the part of the woman. It has a lot to do with the man she is with. But ( Full Answer )

Can a inverted uterus cause pain during intercourse?

There is no such condition as inverted uterus. Howeer, anteverted and retroverted uterus describe two different ways that the uterus can tip. An anteverted uterus tips forward towards the bladder. A retroverted uterus tips backward away from the bladder. Both anteverted and retroverted uteruses are ( Full Answer )

What causes painful intercourse?

Answer . There are several possible causes of pain during intercourse. There could be an infection in the uterus, or even possibly the cervix itself. You may possibly have a blatter or yeast infection as well. A blatter infection or yeast infection are relatively minor and can be treated with me ( Full Answer )

What can cause intercourse to become painful?

If you are new to intercourse it may be that the boy is a bit rough and the girl is a bit tense. There may not have been enough foreplay and the girl is rather dry, make sure there is enough lubrication, either natural or something like KY jelly.. If it is a new problem the girl may have an infecti ( Full Answer )

Does BV cause pain during intercourse?

Yes. In fact, it is advisable not to engage in intercourse while you have any kind of infection. If you are already taking antibiotics to treat the BV, you should wait until your symptoms have disappeared and the course of your treatment is over before having sex again.

What causes pain during intercourse?

This could be a medical issue only a doctor can diagnose the problem but due to rough intercourse or a possible ovarie problem pain can occur

Is it common to have pain during intercourse it you have been diagnosed with Hydrosalpinx?

Yes , it is commone to have pain when you are having sex if you get hydrosalpinx . may cause diverse symptoms in different women. Hydrosalpinx may cause women have recurring lower abdominal pain or unusual vaginal discharge, but not every woman will have these symptoms, that's to say, others might ( Full Answer )

Is it necessary that girl feels pain during the first intercourse?

No. Often the hymen blocks the penis's entry into the vagina enough so that the hymen must tear during first intercourse and often this is painful. However, a woman's hymen may be so delicate as to have torn long before first intercourse or it may stretch and not tear at all or it may not be painful ( Full Answer )

Best pain reliever for back pain?

If you live with chronic back pain, you should consider back pain options such as the minimally invasive AccuraScope Procedure. To talk to an expert or to get a Free MRI review.

Why we get pain?

I am not a doctor but I can give you a simple and short answer to this question that I find has infinite knowledge behind it. Pain is the way your body tells you something is wrong. Pain tells you something is not functioning properly, or is being infected or is being blocked by something. There are ( Full Answer )

Who is Pain?

Pain is the official leader of Akatsuki, Pain is the name that bounds all of the Rinnegan's 6 paths. The person behind Pain is Nagato, who remote controls all 6 bodies of the realms at once using his chakra.

Are you ovulating if you get lower abdomen pain after sex?

Not necessarily. The safest way to find out when you ovalate is to get help from your doctor and count and take tests for months. It's more likely he got too deep and bumped against the opening of the Uterus. That can be everything from mild discomfort to pain.

Why is there pain now during intercourse?

Any pain during intercourse should be evaluated by a liscensed physician. On a more personal note, I often have pain during intercourse if I am constipated or gasy. Not romantic but true. It could also be an ovarian cyst, lack of recent sex, or other problems. You could try Web MD but i strongly sug ( Full Answer )

Are you in pain?

I am suffering pain in the center of my chest and my neck is really painful moving my head sideways or up and down is painful coupled with a strange sensation in the back of my head resulting in blurred vision.

Is a curved penis painful for women during intercourse?

it depends if ur dick is curved alot or just a little bit. Women dont like curve dicks .I kno ive had experience. . it depends if ur dick is curved alot or just a little bit. Women dont like curve dicks .I kno ive had experience. .

How long after ovulation pain do you ovulate?

Woman usually experience ovulation pain when they are nearing ovulation. It usually starts four to two days before ovulation and normally ends right after ovulation period.

What is the best pain relief for knee pain?

I have arthritis in my knee and elbow and Iuse an all natural pain relief ointment called Nature's Gold. Thispain reliefs main ingredient comes from a herb called comfrey whichhas been used by the Indians for over 2000 years and still goingstrong. Check it out at:

What is the best pain medication joint pain?

The High Potency Joint Aid Supplement. it reduce the swelling and inflammation, increase cartilage production, and improve one's mobility for the long run.

Why do you have painful intercourse?

try lubrication, also try to get your vagina lubricated by itself this can be done by foreplay or oral sex to the vagina or fingering it.

What is the best pain killer for severe pain?

Severe pain is usually treated with narcotic pain relievers, such as Demerol, Morphine and Percodan. ALL of these meds are addictive, so they need to be taken only as prescribed, and never taken with alcohol. . If the pain is due to inflammation of any type, such as arthritis, you may be better ( Full Answer )

What is the best pain reliever for period pain?

I take naproxen sodium.It is store brand so I'm not sure what name you would look for. Sometime having a little drink like brandy or something works. I usually just have a wine cooler and it is enough.I guess because it helps thin you blood so the flow is not as much.It seems to help my cramps.Hope ( Full Answer )

Lower back pain with ovulation?

Many women have pain in one side upon ovulation. For most, it is simply a discomfort and passes in a matter of hours. For others, it is debilitating and may last nearly two days. Your ovaries are actually closer to the front of your abdomen, and rest just a few inches above your hips. On the other ( Full Answer )

Could you be pregnant if you had ovulation pain the same day as intercourse?

First I will always say that unless you are abstinent, there is always a possibility of being pregnant. Yes, you can get pregnant. Be on the lookout for pregnancy symptoms just in case. Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from the first week of your expected period to 1-2 weeks a ( Full Answer )

Ovulation pains like mild period pains?

Yes, ovulation causes pain to some women and is like mild period pains. It is usually only on one side though (since only one ovary ovulates at a time).

What could a painful hard spot in the vagina during intercourse be?

There are a couple of glands in the lips of your pudendum called Bartholin glands. They are there to assist with providing lubrication. Sometimes they can get blocked (like a pimple) causing pain, especially during intercourse. There are other causes of vaginal pain, like thrush or cystitis. Go a ( Full Answer )

Why Wife get pain during intercourse she cry?

If it was painful for you, wouldn't you cry? She cries because it hurts! Next time start with kissing her. Try to make her enjoy it before your start. Go slow when you start. Start rocking when you touch and go slow. That might help. Women are frequently slower than men.

Can you get pregnant if you have a strong ovulation pain?

Yes, you can. Ovulation pain has nothing to do with your chances of getting pregnant. Sometimes cramping around your ovary region can be a sign of ovulation. Your ovulation time is the best to try to get pregnant but the ovulation pain really does not have anything to do with it.

Why no pain and blood during first intercourse?

You are completely normal lets just say that first. Sex for the first time doesn't hurt for everyone and far from every woman bleed. It's a myth that it always hurt and that you bleed. It's different for every woman and you got lucky. The hymen can break very easily just by doing sports etc so you m ( Full Answer )

What is the best pain killer for shoulder pain?

If the pain is caused by aching muscles then an NSAID (non-steroid anti inflammatory drug) may be best for you. They ease the inflammation that causes the soreness in your muscles but they an have adverse affects if you have stomach problems and can affect other medications so you need to check with ( Full Answer )

Why is pain painful?

Pain is when you hurt youself right? well, its just the way of how your body reacts to the discomfort of an injury.. hope it helps :)

Pain in vagina during intercourse?

pain in vagina during intercourse is when there is no vagina fluid due to poor playing sex without fore play first.

What is the best pain relief for prostatitis pain?

Natural herbs can help relieve pain caused by prostatitis and sone herbal medicine can cure chronic prostatitis. You need to clear heat in pelvic area and promote blood circulation, the pain can be removed.

What is the best pain reliever for pain in the knee?

The answer for this greatly depends on the level of pain as well asthe source of the pain. If the pain is severe, you may taketramadol for immediate relief. Answer Everyone is different and medication that works well for one personmay not work well for another. You can try over-the-counter painmed ( Full Answer )

How come you have no STD but pain during intercourse?

There are several reasons why you may have pain during intercourse even though you do not have an STD. You may have a simple infection, by visiting your doctor you will be able to get a full and complete diagnosis.

How much pain does a girl feel during sexual intercourse?

That will depend: 1) If she's a virgin (typically there will be a good bit of pain). 2) If her body is ready (foreplay has taken place), chafing is lesslikely. 3) If added lubrication is needed but not used, pain is morelikely. 4) if the male is forceful, clumsy, or too fast, pain is morelikely. 5) ( Full Answer )

Where could one find out about ovulation pain?

There are many places online where one could fine information about ovulation pain online. One could try online sites such as Huggies, or Belly Belly for information regarding ovulation pain.

Why do I have stomach pains during sexual intercourse?

If you are experiencing pain during sexual intercourse, it is bestif you seek the advice of a physician. Only he/she could diagnosethis or say if it is an indicator of a more severe problem.