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Water pipes should not of themselves crack at any temperature, however if pipes have water in them the water will freeze at temperatures below 0oC. If this happens then as the water freezes it will expand (ice is less dense than water) and as it expands it will either stretch metal pipes until they burst or crack ceramic pipes. For this reason external water pipes are buried at a depth to which the frost will not penetrate and internal water pipes are lagged to keep them warm.

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If the pipes are filled with water, they are more likely to crack. The reason for this is because the water expands when frozen, cracking the pipes.

If the copper pipes are full and the water is trapped, the pipes will split at the weakest point when exposed to continuous freezing temperatures. A testament to the power of crystallizing water.

you have a leak in your pipes or skimmer has a crack

Disposed of hypodermic needles and broken crack pipes

Any break or leak on the suction side of your pump can cause air in the lines.

The water expands when it freezes and cracks the weakest point in the pipe.

If water freezes it expands. so if the water on your pipes turn to ice 0c then you are in danger of cracking pipes.

depends on what type of piping you are talking about. Are you talking about frozen pipes bursting or High temps??

The main purpose of such pipes is to maintain the temperature of the fluid in the pipes. A common application is the hot water from district heating plants. Pipes carrying cold fluid are typically insulated to prevent condensation and freezing on the pipes, which can lead to water damage and equipment damage.

They start freezing at about 30 f.

Water freezes at 0 deg C. As the water freezes in the pipes, it expands and it is the force of expansion which causes the pipes to burst.

high temperature and low pressure

Water expands when it freezes. If water pipes are allowed to freeze then the pressure of the expanding ice inside them will fracture the pipes. Then when the temperature rises so that the ice melts, the pipes will leak - with resulting damage.

Heat speeds up chemical reactions. As corrosion is a chemical reaction, copper pipes at a higher temperature will corrode faster

High temperature and low pressure.Z

Sheetrock can certainly crack when the temperature is very cold. This is because the rock tries to contract more than it can.

impact strength at normal and -5 degree centigrade bending strength effect of long time exposure to sun light on strength upvc colored pipes like blue, black , dark grey last longer, outdoors. hdpe pipes are preferred in outdoor use. upvc pipes have tendency to crack in outdoor use. they become brittle'

If no water is visible around pump/filter mechanism then there is a crack somewhere in the pool or pipes leading to and from pump/filter.

Blizzards or VERY cold temperature.Hydraulic shock (Water Hammer)

32 degrees just like everything else.

Because of the freezing temperature increases pressure in the pipe causing it to burst.

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