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There is no such thing as an Australian Sprinting Spider. There are many other Spiders native to Australia, many of which are venomous.

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Which Australian spider is related to the black widow spider?

The Australian red-backed widow.

What is the name for an Australian spider beginning with r?

Redback Spider is indigenous to Australia. It is a venomous spider.

What spider is more poisonous the Australian Redback spider or the Sydney funnel web spider?

i think the Australian redback but i am not sure u could look it up u kno don't be lazy

What is world's most deadly spider?

The Australian Funnel Web is the most deadly spider in the world.

What is the Australian spider resembling black widow?


Which Australian spider resembles a black widow?


What does live in the Australian bushland?

KANGEROO and a spider yay

Who are the enemies of the Australian spotted cuscus?

normally the African dotted spider and the Australian wood worm

What kind of dog is spider in the woman in black?

Australian Terrier

Which dangerous Australian has crossed the Tasman sea and established colonies in New Zealand?

That could be the Redback spider and the Whitetail spider.

Is there any Australian spiders?

Possibly the Funnel Web spider? Emma

What kind of spider has a yellow triangle on its body?

Australian black widow

What type of spider is black with orange on its back?

The black spider with reddish-orange on its back is a redback spider. These Australian spiders are members of the same family of spider as the black widow and have highly dangerous venom.

How long does the Australian peacock spider live for?

3 years and 5 months

Deadliest spiders in the world?

here are some examples of poisonous spiders.the Australian funnel web spider, the black widow, the wandering spider.

What type of creature is a katipo?

The katipo is a native spider of New Zealand, related to both the American Black Widow spider and the Australian Redback.

What spider is tan or light brown with black on abdomen and balls in front of fangs found in house.?

I am pretty certain that it is a rare Australian blue cyanide spider

How do you use species in sentence?

While wandering in the Australian outback, the hiker discovered a new species of poisonous spider. Then it bit him and he died, and the knowledge of the spider died with him.

What do you call a black spider with red dots on its body?

There are a number of different spiders that could be described as black spiders with a red dot on their back including the Black Widow, the Australian Redback spider and the Jumping Spider.

Do they have poisonous spiders in New Zealand?

There are poisonous spiders all over the world. There is one native New Zealand spider that is venomous, the Katipo spider. Additionally, we now have the Australian Whitetail, and the Australian Redback. The latter related to the katipo and black widow spiders

How many spiders species carry their young on their backs?

The only spider I know that does this is the wolf spider. Check out this website.

What is a spider that has white dots on back?

its a Australian jumping spider harmless to humans but Therese alot of different sizes and depends were you live look at pictures measure it and find out what you have!

How old is the oldest spider in the world?

It was reported on April 30th 2018, the world's oldest spider had died.Australian researchers discovered the 43 year oldtrap-door spider simply known as 'Number 16' was killed by a wasp sting.

Is the spider monkey and Australian rain-forest animal?

They are found in tropical forests from southern Mexico to Brazil.

Are redback spiders endangered?

The Redback spider is not an endangered species. However the Katipo, which is related to the Australian Redback, is endangered.

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