Automatic Technology Australia remote control garage door openers model PTX do i reset remote to open and close garage door?

This is Jessica.C from Ahouse Gate Opener. We are ISO9001 Certificated Factory, established in 1992. Ahouse technology Taiwan, China., we design and production. We specilized in produce sliding door opener, swing gate operator, outdoor lock, underground swing gate opener, solar retractable awnings, automatic sliding door, automatic window actuator,etc. We also produce mold of precise zinc and aluminum alloy parts,so we produce all of the parts by ourselves,so we can control product quality and maintain competitive price.

All our products are CE/IP66/IP67 approved.

Our swing gate opener operating voltage :DC 24v ,Input Voltage:AC 110V~240V.

Our swing gate opener have Stainless steel and Aluminum Alloy , have Electric Supply and Solar system .

One set of double swing gate opener Electric supply including :
2*Swing Gate Motor with all hardware accessories
1*Control Box
2*Remote Control

One set of double swing gate opener solar system including :
2*Swing Gate Motor with all hardware accessories
1*Solar Control Box
2*Remote Control
1*Solar Panel with brackets
2*back up batteries

Double swing gate opener (Electric supply),Model :EM3:
MOQ:<10 sets Price: 270usd/set
MOQ:10~100 sets price: 260usd/set
MOQ:100~300 sets price: 250usd/set
MOQ:>300 sets price : 235usd/set

Double swing gate opener (Solar System),Model :EM3:

MOQ:<10 sets Price: 330usd/set
MOQ:10~100 sets price: 310usd/set
MOQ:100~300 sets price: 300usd/set
MOQ:>300 sets price : 285usd/set

If you want single swing gate opener,we have a best price too.

Attachment is swing gate opener technical specification and Installation Instruction ,pls check in .

If you have any question,pls feel free to contact with us anytime.
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