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if you go to you can create an avatar for your kid-Note: email required.

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Are there any kids avatar games?


Is there any online avatar and vitual world games for kids?

yes. no click on the picture on ang and then there will be a lot of games based on avatar. PS not all of the game are based on avatar

What are some cool avatar chatting games that you don't have to download?

Games for kids: Teen games:

Fun games for kids?

webkinzclub-penguinmoshi monstersdream avatar

Is ourworld fun?

OurWorld is a virtual world with games and chat options for kids. The games are focused on fun for tweens and teens. It is fun for kids if they like playing games, making an avatar, and talking to other kids who play the same games.

Is there any free avatar multiplayer games for kids online?

club penguin moshi monsters

Any free avatar games for kids without any membership whatsoever?

you can buy anything

Is there a website where kids can go to and make their own dinosaur avatar?

Just type in dinosaur avatar games. Then choose what game is best! Or you can make one of course. Thank you!

How many avatar playstation 2 games are there?

their are currantly two ps2 games of avatar 1 avatar the legend of aang 2 Avatar the burning earth

Are there any online avatar games for Vocaloid?

No there isn't any vocaloid online avatar games. But there is dress up games. I also wish for vocaloid online avatar games.

Is the game avatar arena good for kids?

yes, violent games are VERY good for kids, it makes them look in the future and say, i'll prepare for whatever.

Are there websites where kids can play games make their own avatar and have fun?

Yes, here are a few examples found by google-ing "kids games and avatars" :

Are there avatar websites for kids?


Where can I play avatar games online?

There a number of websites on which you may play avatar games. One such website is the nickelodeon website (, where a good deal of avatar content and clips may be found in addition to games. Further, is an unofficial avatar fan site, which has many articles, clips, and games.

Are there any safe avatar games?

Avatar legends of the arena

Where can I find avatar games?

There are many websites you can go to, to find out about online avatar games. You can just search the web and it will take you to several avatar games online, and some of the websites allow you to create your own avatar in 3-D.

Is there any 3D avatar games for kids online?

There are moshi monste, wizworld, whyvillie, secert builders, pandanda, Supersecert, Webosaurs, Club Penguin, Xivio, yoville , imvu, poptropica, and weeworld are the best primary games for kids

How do you get avatar awards on xboxlive?

You get Avatar Awards by playing games with your avatar like 1 v 100.

Internet term avatar?

An avatar is a personal character witch the person who creates the avatar controls. You get to change the looks of an avatar, play games on the website with the avatar, ect.

Where are some avatar games for free?

At the website you can find avatar games for free. Go to the website and search for avatar. Then pick one that looks fun and play it!

What video games start with a?

Avatar (James Cameron)AvatarAlan Wake

Do kids like avatar the movie?

Some do, yes.

Are there Lego avatar video games?


What games begin with an a?

avatar the game

What are non download games were you create an avatar? it's a website where you can create an avatar, chat with friends, and play games too.