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A front loader weighs about 200 pounds (90kg), and a top loader slightly less.

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What is average weight washing machine?

The average weight of a washer is around 200lbs.

What is the average weight of an average sized washing machine?


Average washing machine weight in pounds?

160 Lbs.

Average watts for a washing machine?

An average Washing machine uses 920Watts. Some expensive ones use 1200Watts

How much power does a washing machine use?

The average washing machine uses approximately 400 watts of electricity. The exact power usage of a washing machine is dependent upon the size of the washing machine.

How much does a washing machine weigh?

An average washing machine weighs about 175 pounds :) hope that helped

Why is your washing machine not washing?

my washing machine is washing.... what are you on about..?

What is the average price of a washing machine in 2007?


How much did a washing machine cost in 1987?

The price for a washing machine in 1987 depended on the model of the appliance. The average cost for a machine was between 250.00 and 450.00.

What is the weight of a washing machine?

They can be anything between 65 and 120 pounds.

What is the average height of a washing machine?

3 to 4 feet.

What is the Average washing machine price 2008?

One strawpenny.

What is the average water usage of a washing machine?

42 gallon

What is average weight of washing machines?

40 kg

What is the average load capacity for washing machines?

18 pounds dry weight. The average load capacity for washing machines is typically 18 pounds dry weight.

What is Pulsator in washing machine?

The pulsator of a washing machine is for washing small-sized or light weight clothing items. The articles are placed in the washing machine where the pulsator subjects them to a relatively small forces to keep small-sized articles from tangling with each other and preventing them from being damaged.

Is washing machine a verb?

Washing machine is a noun.

What size is your washing machine?

My washing machine is a large machine.

What does 7.5 kg washing machine means?

I think it means it can take the weight of 7.5kg

What is a washing machines voltage and power?

The voltage of a washing machine in the U.S. is 220V. The power varies from washing machine to washing machine depending on what model it is.

Is a washing machine a separator?

yes a washing machine is a separator

When was the washing machine invenetd?

1846 was when the washing machine was invented

What is washing machien?

a washing machine is a machine which cleans clothes

Is washing machine a common noun?

Yes, washing machine is a common noun, a word for any washing machine; a singular, concrete, compound noun, a word for a thing. A proper noun is the name of a person, place, or thing. Washing machines seldom have names. However, the name of the company who makes the washing machine is a proper noun; for example a Kenmore washing machine, a Hotpoint washing machine, a GE washing machine, etc.

How to draw State machine model for washing machine?

How to draw State machine model for washing machine

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