BMW warning symbol meanings

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yellow , looks like a battery almost/or a check engine??

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2012-07-30 01:03:58
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Q: BMW warning symbol meanings
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Where do you find out meanings of warning lights on a BMW series 3?

The owners manual and/or a repair manual for your car should list the meanings of the warning lights.

What is the yellow warning light symbol that looks like an oil can on BMW 320d?

Engine Warning Light

What does the red cog warning symbol mean on a BMW 318i?

Bet its to do with ABS

What are the dash light meanings on BMW e36 models?

The BMW E36 model instrument panel warning lights have several meanings. The red battery light indicates the charging system is malfunctioning. The red water warning light indicates the cooling system is overheating. The yellow fuel dispenser indicates the fuel is running low.

What is the meaning of red warning light with the exclamation SYMBOL in BMW E46?

Transmission error. Get your car checked as soon as possible.

Where is the Electric steering wheel lock warning symbol on a BMW?

it is located on the dash cluster in the center. The display should be red when active.

What is the stock symbol for BMW?

The stock symbol for BMW is XETRA: BMW. BMW was founded in 1916 in Munich Germany by Franz Josef Popp.

BMW ticker symbol?

Bayerische Motoren Werke or BMW is a lucrative car company with a simple stock ticker symbol. Their current stock ticker symbol is BMW

The DTC warning light on a BMW?

meaning of dec warning light

What does yellow warning symbol on BMW 318i means?

The yellow warning symbol is your traction control. It will come on temporarily if you have poor traction, or if you disable traction control by pressing the DSC button, it will stay lit until you turn traction control back on, or you turn the car off.

How do you reset a rollover warning light on a BMW?

Do not roll over your BMW and you will not have this issue.

What is the exclamation point warning light on a BMW 650I?

The exclamation point warning light on a BMW 650I indicates low tire pressure.

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