Bad influence of fraternity

Updated: 12/9/2022
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There is always bad influence that is associated with fraternities. If you do not join them you end up being their enemy and this may cause fear and interfere with the normal learning process of a student.

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Q: Bad influence of fraternity
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What are the bad influence of a fraternity?

some bad influeces are that they make friends split up because 1 of them got kicked out or didn't want to do it.

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1.Bad Person 2.Can be a develop a good person 3.

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Effects of fraternity?

The bad effects of this organization is that their real goal and objectives is disappearing. Instead of helping the community and be a good model among the youth, they are the one who's starting trouble in their community and become an arrogant person for being a member of it...But I did not mean that all of the fraternity and sorority but some of them...You can still find a good one who's purpose is true..I can only suggest that you can live life without fraternity/sorority and a life greater than them...

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