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Barolo is a wine produced only in Piedmont. It is made from Nebbiolog grape. The wine is known for its lack of opacity and light color.

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Where is barolo the wine produced?

The Northern Italian region of Piedmont

Where is Barolo wine produced?

Barolo wine, made from the nebbiolo grape, is produced in the north Italian region of Piedmont. It is a light wine, with a distinct lack of opacity. It has been made since prior the mid-19th century.

Which Italy wine is dry wine?

The major dry red wines produced in Italy are Chianti, Barolo, Brunello di Montalcino Salice Salentino, and Valpolicella. Cheers!

Is there an example of Italian Wine?

Pinot Grigio (Italian White) Barolo (Italian Red)

Why is Barolo so expensive?

It is regarded as the "wine of kings, and king of wines". It is also Italy's most collected wine among connoisseurs.

What to eat with a barolo wine?

Osso buco with risotto Milanese. And some Italian cheeses for dessert.

What has the author Matthew Gavin Frank written?

Matthew Gavin Frank has written: 'Pot farm' -- subject(s): Cannabis, Anecdotes, Agricultural laborers, Therapeutic use, Marijuana industry, Marijuana 'Barolo' -- subject(s): Travel, Cooking, Description and travel, Wine and wine making 'Barolo' -- subject(s): Travel, Cookery, Wine and wine making, Description and travel

What Italian wine begins with b?

Basilicata more likely barolo, barbaresco or brunello di montalcino

What has the author Nicolas Belfrage written?

Nicolas Belfrage has written: 'Life beyond Lambrusco' -- subject(s): Wine and wine making 'Barolo to Valpolicella' -- subject(s): Viticulture, Wine and wine making, Wine districts, Wineries

What is a similar red wine to Nebbiolo D'Alaba?

Barolo and Barbaresco, albeit those two wines are vastly superior.

What sour liquid produced by wine?

Vinegar can be produced from wine.

Why was wine produced?

Wine is still produced for fun... and profit!

Is wine produced in France?

some wine is produced in france

What region does champagne belong to?

Champagne IS a region. The wine is named after it, and can only be produced there.

What score does Waitrose Wine receive?

Waitrose Wine is a great Wine offered amazingly. It ranks in at a high score as the wine is made and produced by only the finest qualities used in unique wine making.

Does wine vinegar have alcohol in it?

Wine vinegar contains no wine; it is produced from wine.

Can you get rid of flor characters in a white wine?

Flor is only produced in some Sherries, there are no flor characters in a still, white, table wine.

A fine rose wine produced in the Rhone valley?

Answer is "Tavel". No, nor had I. Apparently, it's the only A.O.C. area ion France where ONLY rose wines are produced.

How do you turn off alarms on barolo atomic clock?

shutting off alarm on barolo atomic clock

When was Elena Barolo born?

Elena Barolo was born on December 14, 1982, in Turin, Piedmont, Italy.

In which region is the Marsala wine produced?

Marsala wine is a type of wine that is produced around the Italian city in Sicily, Marsala. The wine is fortified with alcohol due to the popularity of its taste.

Where was Leibfraumilch wine produced?

Leibfraumilch is produced in Germany.

Why is cognac more expensive than brandy?

Because Cognac can only be produced of wine made in the region of cognac. Brandy can be produced everywhere.

What wine starts with the letter A?

Alsace wine or Alsatian wine. It is a French wine produced in the Alsace region.

Where is the wine country in Italy?

Wine is produced throughout Italy.