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The average size of a bathroom door is 28" wide and 80" tall. There are other sized bathroom doors. They make an extra tall bathroom door also.

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Q: Bathroom door size
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What is the standard size of a bathroom door?

A bathroom door is 2 foot door or a 2 foot 4 inch door.

Standard size of bathroom door?


Standard public bathroom size?

The standard bathroom size is two to three meters. The measurement for the door is typically 70 centimeters. There can be additional floor space as well.

What size door for basement bathroom?

Probably a little more than the width of the bath so that it can get in and out if it needs replacing. Baths are usually wider than they are tall so you could turn a bath on its side and fit it through even the narrowest of doors. Smallest door for a bathroom is probably 2ft (610mm) imperial door size or 626mm metric door size.

How big is a bathroom door opening?

The smallest door I have seen on house building plans is 2'0". The smallest door I have framed for and installed is a 2'4" door. That is the smallest size door I recommend anyone put in. For the handicapped or wheelchair bound the minimum size required is 3'0". sawkerfs

What is the average bathroom size?

The average size of a bathroom is 9ft by 11ft(not the size of an apple)

Average size of a bathroom?

The average size of a bathroom is 9ft by 11ft ... :)

Standard bathroom door size?

80 inch height but you can use what ever size door you want if your framing 30, 32,34,or 36 width, depends how much room you have i used a 36 inch pocket door where the door slides in the wall to save space 2 0 - 6 8 seems to be the most common.

What is the best size mirrow for a bathroom vanity 60 inches wide?

it depends on your really depends on your bathroom size and vanity size. can you specify the size?

What is a normal bathroom size?

The most common size of a small bathroom is 5 feet by 8 feet.

Average size of a bathroom sink?

An average bathroom sink is 6-7 litres

What is the average width of a bathroom entry door?

2m or two metresDoors come in a variety of sizes that are considered to be standard widths and heights. There are door for interior doors, exterior doors, closet doors, home doors, mobile home doors, business door, and double doors. Those are just a few. The best way to find the average size of a door for a specific structure is to request information from a retailer in the business of doors because the information on measurements can be infinite.