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i will friend code: 1246 8655 8471 name: JAMIE all capital letters i live in england we can battle tomorrow at 8 o' clock please do it!

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Does anyone want to battle me on Pokemon diamondpearl if you win you get a manaphy my code is 167624044891 and the name is QUINCY im just tell me your state and what time you can batttle?

i will my friend code is 2020 2101 6847 and my name is xavier and I'll battle you right now if you don't mind my state is New York

Were can you catch a phione in Pokemon diamondpearl?

You would need to breed Manaphy and Ditto in the Daycare, then Phione's Egg will be available to obtain from the Daycare Man. Phione cannot be in caught in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

How to get manaphy on Pokemon Pearl?

You get a Manaphy egg from Pokemon Ranger.

Is Phione the Pokemon Manaphy?

No, Phione is not the same as the Pokemon Manaphy.

Where to get manaphy in Pokemon dark cry?

You can get a manaphy in manaphy cave

How do you get manaphy in Pokemon Emerald?

Manaphy was not available in Pokemon Emerald. Manaphy was not introduced until Generation 4 games Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Manaphy is unique in that its offspring are Phione that cannot evolve into Manaphy.

Where can you catch manaphy on Pokemon Diamond?

A Manaphy is not available in the wild in the Pokemon world. You must trade a Manaphy Egg from Pokemon Ranger.

Where is Manaphy in Pokemon FireRed?

Manaphy is not on Pokemon FireRed, because it a Pokemon from the Sinnoh Region.

Were do you find manaphy in Pokemon platimun?

To receive a Manaphy in Pokemon Platinum, you must send over a Manaphy Egg from the game Pokemon Ranger after completing a special mission involving Manaphy.

Where in the Pokemon mansion is manaphy?

the only way to get manaphy is to cheat or to get it from Pokemon ranger

How do you get manaphy in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Manaphy is a legendary water type of Pokemon. It is not possible to get this Pokemon in the game Pokemon LeafGreen.

How do you get Manaphy on my side?

The only way to get manaphy on Pokemon diamond is to either trade it. or buy Pokemon ranger and beat the manaphy mission then manaphy will be obtain able

Where do you get a manaphy in Pokemon platinum?

you can't. manaphy is very rare. you get a Manaphy Egg.

What Pokemon is 151 in Sinnoh in Pokemon Diamond?

It's Manaphy, you can get it with Pokemon ranger. Do the special Manaphy mission and send over the Manaphy egg to pearl or diamond.

Where do you find a Manaphy?

manaphy is not in Pokemon emerald version.

How do you get manaphy on Pokemon indigo?

You can't get manaphy on indigo.

In Pokemon diamond when getting manaphy where is Gregory's house?

what are you on about you have to trade manaphy from Pokemon ranger

Where do you find a trainer with a manaphy in Pokemon Platinum?

There is no trainer in Pokemon Platinum with a Manaphy. However, you can trade with someone who has a Manaphy, or complete the special Ranger mission in Pokemon Ranger and transfer the Manaphy egg over to Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

How do you get Manaphy in Pokemon HeartGold?

Manaphy is not found in the wild anywhere in the Pokemon world. You must trade a Manaphy Egg from Pokemon Ranger to get a Manaphy, or use a cheat of some sort (R4(i), Action replay, etc...)

What Is the gameshark code for catching manaphy in Pokemon Emerald?

Manaphy doesn't exist in Pokemon Emerald. Manaphy exist in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver.

Where to see manaphy?

you cant see manaphy unless you do the manaphy mission in Pokemon ranger and give the egg to your trainer in Pokemon D/P

Where can you catch manaphy on Pokemon Platinum?

You cant, but you can look at the book in the Pokemon mansion to see manaphy.

How do you get a manaphy in pearl?

You should get an manaphy egg from the Pokemon ranger

Who is after manaphy on the dex in platinum?

darkrai is after manaphy on Pokemon platuinum.

What type is manaphy?

Manaphy, to my knowledge, is a water-type pokemon.

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