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Five Cigars.

Five divided by twenty-five, gives you five. Six cigars. Because the twenty-five, which made five, can then be made into another cigar. Five plus one gives you six.

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Q: Because Cigars cannot be entirely smoked a hobo who collects cigar butts can make a cigar to smoke out of every 5 butts that he finds today he has collected 25 cigar butts how many cigars will he ab?
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Is a cigarette or a cigars worst?

cigars because they are bigger and have more chemicals

Will cigars cause lung cancer?

Yes, because cigars contain tobacco.

Why are cigars so boss?

Cigars are so boss because they are less addictive then cigerettes. Cigars are hefty! Cigerettes are just plain stupid.

Can you bring Cuban cigars into the US from the B ahamas?

No , not legally , because Cuban cigars have been under an embargo .

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What does it mean A cigar is a cigar Freud?

Turns out Sigmund Freud probably never said that. But let's wing it anyway. Some psychologists believe everything has a deeper meaning. Under this theory you don't smoke cigars because you like cigars, you smoke cigars because you can't display your penis in public. "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar" means that sometimes people smoke cigars only because they enjoy smoking cigars.

What is the significance of nicotine content in cigars and cigarettes?

Cigars have less nicotine than cigarettes (The cigarette companies manipulate nicotine levels.) because of the aging process the tobacco in cigars go through .

Are cigars as addictive as cigarettes?

Cigars are WAY better than cigarettes because they are bigger and are more tastier. Another thought: I would not consider cigars addicting, though they do contain nicotine. The nicotine is absorbed into the mouth. Habit forming? Yes, cigars can be habit forming.

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The collective noun for cigars would depend on the circumstance, such as a box of cigars, a tin of cigars, a bunch of cigars, etc.

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They most definetely do. That's why a smokers' lung turns black because of the damage the cigars have done and the lung is caked in tar.

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There are a number of retailers who sell Macanudo cigars. They include Cigars Direct, Thompson Cigar, Famous Smoke Shop, Mike's Cigars and Cigars International.

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