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Q: Because the final stages of cellular respiration require oxygen the are said to be what?
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The cells of a redwood tree require oxygen for the process of?

Cellular Respiration

What parts of cellular respiration don't require oxygen?

Respiration by definition refers to oxygen exchange. However cellular metabolism which does not require oxygen is called glycolysis.

Do plants require oxygen for cellular respiration?

yes they do

Why is cellular respiration an aerobic respiration?

Because cellular respiration occurs in the presence of oxygen.

What is a energy - releasing process that does not require oxygen?

Cellular Respiration

Which stage of cellular respiration requires oxygen?

The electron transport chain. Oxygen is the last electron acceptor.

Which steps in aerobic cellular respiration require oxygen?

electron transport chain

What are the difference cellular respiration and respiration?

Oxygen is the difference! Cellular respiration requires oxygen, while cellular fermentation does not.

Why is ATP important for cellular respiration?

Cellular respiration is the production of ATP but, you must use ATP to have cellular respiration. During cellular respiration you use 2 ATP molecules and can make a small amount of ATP (with out oxygen) or you can make a larger amount (with oxygen)

Why is oxygen necessry for cellular respiration?

Yes, Oxygen is required for cellular respiration.

Why is external respiration vital to cellular respiration?

Cellular respiration need oxygen. This oxygen is supplied by external respiration

What does mitochondria require to cause cellular respiration?

cellular respiration requires glucose and oxygen and produces chemical energy, water, and carbon dioxide.