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In the likely case that you have the 3800 Series II Non-Supercharged engine:

It's likely that if it is never damaged, and well maintained, the engine might be one of the longest lasting components of the vehicle. A reasonable guess would be 200,000 miles.

The main thing is that seals (and piston rings) will wear, and the motor will begin to burn more and more oil. However, the engine can be rebuilt at this point, and so really the life of the motor is very, very long if maintenance costs aren't an issue.

In terms of GM engines, the 3800 S2 V6 has untouchable longevity and reliability. Few would disagree that this engine is a remarkable feat of engineering.

However, if your Olds has a supercharged 3800 Series II (unsure if available for '94):

The Eaton m90 Supercharger would likely need a costly rebuild at somewhere around 95,000 to 130,000 miles.

The transaxle also is likely to fail and need rebuilding prior to the motor.

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