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Before the invasion of ECW who where the last people to invade the WWE?

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May 23, 2009 11:35PM

The last invasion was by the Four Horsemen from WCW. This was before Shane and Stephanie bought WCW from under Vince's nose. Even though they subsequently merged, the invasion by the Four Horsemen was prelude to an apacolypse in that after the WWE WCW merger, the ratings tanked because there was no more real competition to WWE. Answer: HUH?! The Four Horseman never invaded the WWE. The last time there was an "invasion" was when Jeff Jarrett was the NWA champion and he defended the title on WWF tv, before that there was the Heavenly Bodies defending the NWA tag Titles against the Rock-N-Roll Express on a WWF PPV, which one I don't remember. But the Horseman never invaded the WWE. As far as Shane McMahon buying WCW from under Vince's nose, it was actually Vince who bought the company but said it was Shane to promote their upcoming match at that years Wrestlemania. Stephanie allegedly bought ECW, then merged with Shane to form the Alliance in 2001. But Vince bought everybody and used it in storylines.