Best maritime university

Updated: 12/9/2022
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Massachusetts maritime academy it has a great program

I disagree. Mass Maritime is not a good Maritime Academy. NY Maritime and Maine Maritime put out the most qualified maritime personnel.

The previous answer is incorrect. Upon visiting SUNY Maritime I was told, an I quote "We cannot claim to be the best maritime academy in the world, the Massachusetts Maritime Academy holds that distinct honor, however we are one of the best". I hate to say it but if that doesn't convince you U.S. News ranked Massachusetts Maritime Academy number thirteen in their best colleges of 2010 list.

First of all, I highly doubt your "quote," no self respecting cadet at NY Maritime would utter that pitiful phrase. Second of all, I saw you said you were visiting academies which most likely implies you know nothing at all of the maritime industry or have ever worked with any graduates from Mass Maritime, this directly indicates you have no credibility. I suggest you leave the answer to this question to qualified people who have graduated from one of these academies and continue to work in the field along side graduates from Mass Maritime.

First of all I work with Mass Maritime students and graduates all the time. I also attended the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. Second of all who are you to say my experiences are any less dignified than yours, and lastly your answer to this question are mere opinions where as I had only stated facts. The quote I added was said by a admissions officer at SUNY Maritime.

A point in case for y'all. A good friend of mine attends the Massachusetts's Maritime Academy. He is a marine engineering major, and currently in his fifth year of studies at the academy. He was behind a semester due to his needing to take 2 classes, because he was behind in math and didn't have his prerequisites done on time.
This friend lives in southwestern Connecticut, and thought it might be possible to take those classes at SUNY Maritime over the summer and transfer them to attain his degree at the end of the summer and get on with his life.
He took those two classes at SUNY Maritime, and applied for the transfer, and was denied.
He was denied the transfer of his credits due to the fact that the United States Coast Guard HAD WITHDRAWN IT'S ACCREDITATION OF suny MARITIME'S ENGINEERING CLASSES.

think about that fact, and then think about who has the better academics and is the better over all maritime academy...

Thats embarrassing
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Q: Best maritime university
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