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Best thing to bring a girl before a date?


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you don't have to bring her anything. just a smile :)


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Is it an expiration date of a best before date? Best before dates have BB next to them usually. If it's a best before date, then it's fne and dandy, but if it's an expiration date then probably not good.

It means the food or drink will be BEST if consumed BEFORE the DATE shown on the package.

Best before date or use by date.

The best before date on a smoked pork picnic shoulder means that the meat is optimal if you cook and eat it before this date. Once that date passes, the meat can lose its freshness and not be at its best.

Yes Best before only means best before look for a use by date & even then there is a 2/3 safety margin

There is no expiry date...just a "best before date"

By reading the expired date and you will known

The "Best Before" would be a freshness/taste date and not an expiration date. Even expiration dates have a margin of safety built in.

Is there a best before date?If no best before date, it is way to old to be safeIs it after its past its best before by more than a few minutes? RiskyIs it still within its best before? Stored correctly, Yummy

yes! All medicine has a best before date, and they are serious about that date.

Yes. The "best if used before" date is not an expiration date. For foods such as meats, fish, and poultry, don't trust any dates; use your nose.

In most circumstances, yes, you can. The best before date simply means that after that date, the food may begin to lose quality.

In the context of perishables: Expiry date/use by date/best before.

Many online sites are available, or just type in the date in your search box, this will bring up a value. The best thing to do is take it to a coin dealer so it can be seen.

Usually there is a best before date printed on the shell - look at that and throw out if past this date.

You must leave your present date and find the guy that you wanted to be your date.

A lot of foods have a best by date. Usually all of the food in cans, bottles, boxes, and bags have a best by date. Food that doesn't have something protecting over it like fruit and vegetables doesn't have a best by date usually.

Cream cheese has an 'expiration date' on it which will say 'best before ____.' This only means that the cream cheese will taste the best before that date.

Cornmeal is generally safe to eat after the 'best before' date.

Best before is a famous word multiple production,frequently uses when a manufacturer defines its expiry date,inform consumer it is best before its expiry before October 28,2011.etc.

Best before dates deal mainly with taste and performance, not food safety. For example, a cake mix that is beyond its "best before" date may not taste as good or may not rise as well. The cake, however, is fine to eat. I've never had a problem with a product consumed (well) after its best before date. Expiration dates tend to be more on refrigerated foods and should be consumed within a week or less after the date.

Yes. The expiration date is only for best used before the date. It does not mean that after that date the food is spoiled.

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