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Baby food contains proteins, so use cold water. Pretreat dark stains and soak them in cold water. Then you can wash it as you normally would.

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How do you remove baby formula stains?

The very best detergent for formula stains is Dreft.

How do you get grease stains out of clothes?

baby powder or goo gone

Are all babay clothes stain resistant?

No. Not all baby clothes are stain resistant. I know this from experience. Allot of my daughters clothes have stains on them from when she was a baby.

How do you remove baby oil gel stains?

with gods tears

How do you remove stains on an egg?

you can use a product called "shout" or baby oil would work

Baby formula stains out of clothes?

Baby formula is a protein, so do not wash it in hot water. Start by pre-soaking the clothing in cold water. Then wash it on a cool water cycle.

How do you remove a baby poop stain from a white carpet?

This sounds silly, but if you go to, there are many tips for removing stains from carpets!

Which detergent removes stains the best?

Oh yeah It's Tide oh yeah baby right there

What is the duration of Baby Clothes?

You can buy clothes for your baby on your own budget, the clothes on the website kimibear . are cheap and fashionable!

How much for a year supply of baby clothing?

It depends how much clothing you buy a year.

What are baby clothes?

If are you looking best and outstanding baby & kids clothes then visit kimibear online baby store. If you see a cute outfit here and there that you just can't resist then pick it up because once they are gone... they're gone....

Where I can buy the best clothes for children?

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How do you have baby clothes for baby sims?

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How do you make baby clothes?

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How do you remove dryer sheet residue from the inside of the dryer?

Answer:Dryer sheets are a sticky chemical that coats the dryer, clothes, and walls around the dryer. It is toxic and flammable. Dryer sheet packaging warns not to use with baby clothes. However, the residue still coats the baby clothes and makes them flammable.Dryers recommend that you not use dryer sheets as it clogs the filter and air entry with the chemical residue. It is impossible to remove the residue once the machine has been tainted. It is best to buy a new machine.

How do you get a best friend for your baby on babydow?

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What is a name for baby clothes?

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Can you have a baby with your clothes on?

If the clothing is pants, then you cannot have a baby with them on.

How do you give your baby clothes on babydow?

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What are baby clothes made from?

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What is the cheat for baby clothes on sims 2?

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Can you remove eyeshadow with water and baby oil?

yes, but it's best to just use baby oil it comes right off !

Where can one buy zah collection baby clothes?

You can buy zah collection organic baby clothes at go natural baby

What shop sells 'baby baby' branded clothing?

Best and Less sells "baby baby" brand clothing.