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This sounds silly, but if you go to, there are many tips for removing stains from carpets!

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How can you get really bad urine stains out of your carpet?

Stain Remover let me guess dog or baby

How do you remove an oil stain from a cotton shirt?

Put baby power on the stain, wait 10 mins., then brush off the power. repeat as necessary.

How do you remove permanent ink stain?

If it is on skin, then baby oil or peanut butter should do the trick. If on clothing, then club soda, or dish soap.

What can dog urine on your carpet do to your baby?

its makes your baby stink

Are all babay clothes stain resistant?

No. Not all baby clothes are stain resistant. I know this from experience. Allot of my daughters clothes have stains on them from when she was a baby.

Will baby oil stain a shirt?

Baby oil will indeed stain a shirt, and it will not come out in the wash without prior preparation. Blot the stain, sprinkle with baby powder to absorb more oil, scrub with a brush, add some dish liquid and wash as normal.

Is the Pooh - Dreams of Hunny Baby Crib Bedding by Disney Baby stain resistant?

The Pooh - Dreams of Hunny Baby Crib Bedding by Disney Baby is not stain resistant but all parts of the set are machine washable.

How do you remove an oil stain from clothing?

not alot of people know this but all you have to do is as soon as it gets on your clothes wet the stain pour baby powder on it and scrub really good with a tooth brush and soap than rinse and hang dry trust me it works!

How do you get an oil stain out of your ugg boots?

There is a cleaner you should buy and also, if you can buy the waterproofer/stain repellent. If its an oil stain apparently baby powder helps!

Are there stain resistent baby bedding sets?

All of the popular baby bedding companies like Gerber and American Baby have stain-resistant/proof baby bedding. Just look for fleece sheets. Spit-up and milk will wipe right off!

Did drake make a song called baby got a do do stain?


How do you remove pen ink stain from micro suede sofa?

sprinkle a little baking soda on it, then pour vinegar over it, and then on top of that put a little dreft baby detergent and water

How do you rermove nail varnish from carpet?

ice ice baby!

How do you remove the white powder from patio stones after using Portland Cement?

You could try using baby oil.That is what Iused as an mason to get the white film off my skin.Or try white vinegar.

How do you take stain out of antique baby dress?

Simply you can use some stain removal that available in markets. Or try hot water. Hot water is primary good stain removal process.

What it called when a mixed guy and white girl have a white baby?

A baby.

What all fruits to during pregnant for getting white baby?

The color of your baby's skin has nothing to do with what you eat. It is determined by your genes. If you are white and the daddy is white, your baby will be white. If one of you is not white, your baby will be mixed race. If both of you are non-white, the baby will be whatever race you are.

What are white baby tigers called?

Baby white tigers are called cubs.

How do you get a spaghetti stain out of a cotton shirt?

To get the oil out , put baby powder on it, let it soak up the oil, shake off excess, ( this works best when stain is fresh, and wont work on silk) then launder in machine but pre- treat with a stain remover first. Machine wash it at the highest temperature allowed. for the shirt. Put bleach on it if its a white shirt that can take bleach. before machine washing.

How do you get excessive amounts of baby powder out of carpet?

use a dry towel and scrub it

What is that brown thing on your carpet?

i really dont know i mean do you have a dog or a baby

How do you get rid of period stains on your mattress?

Pour a little soda water onto the stain and then dab with a sponge. Repeat this several times until the stain has gone. If the stain is proving difficult to get rid of, try using a baby wipe.

Did Chris Brown have a baby for a white lady?

No, Chris Brown does not have a baby with a white lady.

Why baby clothing shops are designed in white color?

the natural baby color is white

Is halle berry's baby black?

it's mostly white because the man she had the baby with is white and she's half white.