Big daddy v vs umaga

Updated: 12/23/2022
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big daddy v is so fat he can't sit up 0 he calls himself big daddy he is the only thin big he slap umaga with all that extra fat other than that he chokes on his neck fat dude got 7 jelly rolls how does he see his he cant talk for five minutes without chocking

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Q: Big daddy v vs umaga
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Is big daddy v going to be in the game?

no in smckdown vs raw 2008 there will not be big daddy V but in smackdown vs raw 2009 there will hopefully be bigdaddy V

What happened to big daddy v when he vs the undertaker?

Big Daddy V tapped out via hells gate. There was a bunch of blood coming out of Big Daddy V's mouth.

How do you unlock big daddy V in smackdown vs raw 2011?

come si crea big daddy V in smackdown vs raw 2011

Will Big Daddy V be in Smackdown vs Raw 2010?

NO i have it shannon morre isn't in it big daddy v isn't in it

How do you get big daddy v in WWE 08?

You Can't. Big Daddy V was not on the WWE roster when the 08' Smackdown vs. Raw roster was created. This was not only with Big Daddy V, but happened with many superstars. Ie., The Miz, John Morrison, Evan Bourne... etc.

Who Will Win Big Daddy V Vs Emanuel Yarbrough the sumo?

The inner Viscerra would come out in big daddy v and he would hump Yarbrough to death. But seriously if it was a sumo match then Emanuel but if it was a wrestling match then Big Daddy V but if it was a Zumba match GOD HELP US ALL

Is Big Daddy V alive?

Yes, Big Daddy V is alive.

Is big daddy v vicsera?

yes he is the v in big daddy v stands for viscera

What day Is Big Daddy V Is dead?

Big Daddy V is still alive.

Is Vicsera actually Big Daddy V?

Big Daddy V and Viscera are the same person. Viscera no longer exists. Say Hello! to Big Daddy V!

What happend to Big Daddy V?

Big Daddy V was in a injury during the triangle choke.

What is Big Daddy V's birthday?

Big Daddy V was born on February 14, 1972.