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they are real

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Q: Bigfoot and yeti ect are real?
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Is Bigfoot and yeti are real?

Yes, they are real, there have been reported citings of bigfoot and yeti

Is there other type of human on this planet?

not yet verified,(bigfoot,yeti ect..)

Is the yeti real?

There is no evidence to suggest the Yeti is real. It is generally regarded the same way a sasquatch or bigfoot

Are Bigfoot and yeti real?

No one knows for sure. Bigfoot is probably not real because they have never found a body or skeleton of it and by now, someone would have found bigfoot and would be able to prove it. Although there is a possibility that he is real. It is the same with yeti. No one knows. Though, there is a smaller chance of a yeti existing than Bigfoot because there is more proof of Bigfoot.

Is a yeti in the bigfoot family?

Yes, the yeti is in the bigfoot family.

What is bigfoot or yeti?

Bigfoot and Yeti are mythical creatures.

Are yettys real?


Is the Ogopogo real or mythical?

It'a as real as the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot and the Yeti.

Did bigfoot and yeti have a kid?

No, Bigfoot lives in Canada and yeti lives in the Himalayas.

Who made up the yeti?

Actually there is very good evidence that Yeti/Bigfoot/Sasquatch is a real creature. DNA doesn't lie. When samples of hair, bone, manure, ect. are tested the results were a primate of unkown species between humans and chimps.

Is bigfoot a yeti?

Well, Yeti is actually a Bigfoot, because about a dozen cryptids, including (but is not limited to) Yeti, Sasquatch, Almas, and the true Bigfoot. I think yeti is a bigfoot because there used to be a landbridge from Serbia to the US and the himilayas are not that far so its possible for the yeti to have migrated from the himilayas to the US for warmer weather and when the landbridge broke it left some yeti in the US know today as bigfoot and some yeti back in the himilayas.

What are some differences between Bigfoot and the Yeti?

they live in different places. bigfoot in forest and yeti at mount everest.

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