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Bill Gates

Bill Gates is known for?

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being in Microsoft company

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What is Bill Gates known for?

bill gates is famous for creating Microsoft

How many diamonds does Bill Gates have?

Bill Gates is not known for his collection of diamonds.

What were some of Bill Gates difficulties?

Bill Gates is known to have autism. This causes him to have an urge to work.

Is bill gates known as father of computer?

Yes, Bill Gates is pretty much the founder of the computer.

Which software company did Bill Gates found?

Bill Gates is the founder of the software company known as Microsoft.

Is Bill Gates a dad?

Yes. He has 3 children. Known as, Jennifer Gates, Rory Gates and Phoebe Gates

Who are the known successful entreprenuers?

Bill Gates

How bill gates become well-known?

He created windows

What is Bill Gates full name?

Sir. Dr. "William Henry Most commonly known simply as "Bill Gates"

How Bill Gates invention was known?

there became popular

What philanthropy is Bill Gates and his wife known for?

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is known for issues in Global Health and Agricultural development in search of ending world hunger.

What is Bill Gates' official fan email address?

A public fan email address for Bill Gates is not known at this time.

2nd most rich person alive?

bill gates bill gates bill gates bill gates bill gates bill gates

How did bill gates become well known?

he founded Microsoft

Why Bill Gates name is gates?

Bill Gates' name is Gates because the last name of his father was Gates.

What is William Henry Gates known for?

If you are talking about William Henry (Bill) Gates III, the answer is Windows. (He is the founder of Windows Microsoft)

What products does Bill Gates make?

Bill Gates makes software that operate within computers. The software is known as Windows and includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.

What is Melinda Gates famous for?

Melinda Gates is most well-known for, first of all, being the wife of Microsoft founder Bill Gates. She is also very famous for her many philanthropic initiatives, most notably the Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation.

Who is bill gates parents?

Bill Gates parents are William H. Gates and Mary Maxwell Gates

What is Bill Gates last name?

Bill Gates' last name is Gates

Where is Bill Gates from?

Bill Gates is from Seattle, Washington.

Full name of Bill Gates?

bill gates

What nationality is Bill Gates?

Bill Gates is American

Is Bill Gates single?

Bill Gates is married.

What did bill gates do as child?

what did bill gates do when he was young

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