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Wel u can give them money,a nice card , or just simply ask them.

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Should I give my crush who's a guy going to be 15 years old a birthday present?

There's no problem with giving your crush a gift if you already know him. If you don't know him it could be weird.

What is a birthday gift that starts with the letter p?

A gift is a present, whether given at a birthday or not. A gift given at a birthday is usually called a birthday present.

What is is a pronoun for birthday gift?

The pronoun that takes the place of the compound noun 'birthday gift' is it.Example: This is mom's birthday gift. I made it myself.

What do you get your crush for his birthday?

Um, maybe his favorite chocolate bar? Or, the best gift of all- a home made card Or, tell him your feeling for him,,,, give him a kiss :D

When you are invited to a birthday party at someone's home do you bring a host gift?

No, the gift at a birthday party should go to the person whose birthday it is and the host does not receive a gift.

Are gift certificates too impersonal for a birthday gift?

Gift certificates are not too impersonal to give for a birthday gift. They allow the recipient to buy what they really want.

If a classmate gave you a gift at your birthday party do you have to give him a gift on his birthday if he is not having a party?

If you received a gift from someone at your birthday party, your only requirement is to send a thank you note or card. If you are invited to a birthday party, you should bring a gift, however if this person is not having a party you do not have to give them a gift. You may choose to acknowledge the birthday with a small gift, a card or your personal good-wishes.

How does Anne feel about the diary when she gets as a birthday gift?

Anne feel about the diary when she gets as a birthday gift?

Can you buy birthday gift from a gift shop?

A gift shop is a great place to start when looking for a birthday gift. Depending on the age and gender of the recipient; you will need to determine the type of gift shop that you seek out.

Do you have a copy of The birthday gift?


Would it be a good idea to propose on your girlfriends birthday?

Yes because that is there birthday gift from you and that is the nicest gift ever!

What would be the best birthday gift for my wife?

The best birthday gift are both flowers and her favorite gift and have people she knows call her wish her happy birthday and give her gifts. These are what you should give your wife.

What is a sweet message to say to your crush on his birthday?

There are many sweet messages that you can say to a crush on his birthday. One thing you can say is " I hope you have a magical day."

How do you give a gift to your crush?

I think u should get him a card.

When is a gift to expensive for a crush?

when its taking you too much work to get it .

What is the best gift for a teenager boy on his birthday?

for birthday you can gift him . wrist watch or something cool . whichever the boy likes. wish the boy happy birthday.

What are the release dates for His Birthday Gift - 1915?

His Birthday Gift - 1915 was released on: USA: 26 August 1915

What are the release dates for His Birthday Gift - 1916?

His Birthday Gift - 1916 was released on: USA: 17 July 1916

How do you frame a sentence using gift?

On her birthday i shall gift her a ring.

Should you say happy birthday to your crush even though his birthday was a week ago?


What are two specific nouns for gift?

Some specific nouns for the general noun 'gift' are:birthday giftanniversary gift

What do you do if no one get you a gift on your birthday?

Get yourself a gift and don't loose any sleep about it. The gift IS that you made another birthday given to you by the ultimate gift giver. No one can receive a better gift than that! Be blessed and don't sweat the small stuff.

What does it mean if your crush is extremely happy and gives you a hug and keeps saying thanks and happy birthday to you when you give him a gift?

well he or she could like you back and is afraid to tell you or he wants to be a good friend.

If a birthday past can you get them a gift?


Do you have to have a facebook to get a sephora birthday gift?