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This usually means one of the bulbs has burnt out.

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Q: Blinkers on inside of Cadillac blink rapidly. What is the cause?
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Why do my 2003 ranger blinkers do not blink lights come on but do not blink?

turn signal relay is bad

What causes my blinkers to blink left when i tun them on for the right in my Chrysler town and country?

I would say that there is a miswiring of the blinkers.

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Why do your blinkers blink so fast on a 1988 Chevy G20 van?

That's probably because that's the older van and the more original blinkers

Why car blinkers wont blink?

Check bulbs Usually a bad turn signal flasher

Why do your blinkers stay on and don't blink on your 1997 blazer?

Possibly a defective Flasher Relay. Replace the relay.

Both Blinkers blink when right or left signal is turned on?

you need to replace the bliker can in the fuse box.

What would cause the blinkers in your 2003 Chevrolet Impala to light and not blink?

The most likely cause is the turn signal flasher.

Why would the front blinkers light but not blink on a 1992 Nissan Maxima?

u need to replace the flasher unit in the vehicle

What would cause both of the blinkers to blink erratically on a 1999 Olds Intrigue?

Could be a bad flasher or just a burned out bulb.

On a 1994 Pontiac grand am the blinkers come on but don't blink. what could be the problem?

i would say maybe a bulb or a flasher

Why do the trailer blinker lights both blink when tail lights are on blinkers do not work when tail lights are off?

Check for a bad ground

1997 Oldsmobile Aurora the blinkers don't blink they just come on and stay on but the flashers work fine what is the problem?

I got it. It was the relay switch.

How do you repair both blinkers on a 1990 Buick Riviera?

If both sides (right and left) don't blink on and off, the blinker "can" may be the culprit.

How do you make blinkers blink on a 1986 Chevy truck?

The signal flasher relay may be at fault, swap it with the emergency flasher relay to see.

Why does the left turn signal on a 2000 Audi A6 blink rapidly?

Bulb is burned out.

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Why do all the blinkers blink and stay blinking when you lock your doors?

doesn't stop blinking until you turn the wheel and the make the tires straight again

Why do your right turn signal lights blink fast only when the headlights are turned on?

If the lights blink fast on either side of the car then this means you either have non-factory bulbs in the car or you need to replace your blinkers because one of your lights is out.

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Why does my 99 escort zx2 blinkers blink to fast?

Check all of your blinker lights. There are two in each tail light, one in each center signal, and one at the corner of each headlight, a total of 8 lights should blink when you have the flashers on. If a bulb is burnt out, it will increase the blink rate. Also, installing LED's in the tail lights will cause the blink rate to increase.

How do you fix blinkers that won't 'blink' on a 2001 Jetta?

More likely than not the Flasher Relay is defective. Replace it. check all the fuses one in the car another under the hood. make sure all bulbs are ok

My 1995 Monte Carlo's blinkers are lit up but wont blink what is wrong?

Could be turn signal flasher Check bulbs Could be a problem in steering column