Brand new iPad 2 for birthday. Took pictures but deleted them.However when i swipe left from camera there is a deleted picture in upper left corner of screen edged in a white box.How can i delete it?

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How do you delete single pictures from a CDRW?

I believe that if you simply explore your cdrw in a separate window, you can just right-click the single picture and say "delete." I've done this before and I've never had a problem with it. good luck!

How do you get back deleted pictures on digital cameras?

There are websites such as "Card Recovery" that you can go on. This should recover all of your pictures etc. but at the end, it will ask for a payment of around £25 in order to save the pictures. There also exist plenty of "no-kidding" freeware recovery software options. The below listed relate ( Full Answer )

How do you delete pictures from the env phone?

\nYou go to get it now \nthen you go to pics and flix\nthen you go to your pics\nthen you go to options\nthen you go to earse\nthen you click yes\n. \nHope i helped\n. \nxoxo-Lu_Lu-xoxo

How do you delete pictures from MySpace?

well you go to edit pictures and when you go there u should click on yhre pic u wanna delete and ubder the photo just look for delete photo

How do you delete pictures off Facebook?

1) Click on the photos tab on your profile page. 2) Click on the album that contains the photo you want to delete. 3) Now click on the photo you would like to be delete. 4) You would see a link “Delete this photo” at the bottom right of the page, click it and you woul ( Full Answer )

How do you delete a picture folder on a digital camera?

connect your camera to the computer and the files from your camera Pics/Vids should show up onto your screen and from there just right click you photo file or a certain photo and delete it

What is a shortcut to delete a group of pictures from digital camera after you download them in a new file?

While the camera is connected to the computer, it will show as an active drive (usually "D" or higher). Find the drive, click to open it, and wade in until you find the image files. Select the ones you want to delete, right-click them, and click Delete, or just delete the folder that they are in. ( Full Answer )

How do you delete pictures off of facebook?

You can only delete pictures you have added yourself, not ones someone has added of you. To do so, go to the picture and look at the bottom of the screen- across from the comments- there will be a list of things you can do to that picture. Share, Rotate, Edit, Delete, Make Profile Picture.

Will the camera delete any pictures if it dies?

"Dies" being a highly technical term there is a lot of room for variation in the answer. if the battery runs out of juice you should only lose information if it was processing an image when it quit and then only that image. it is possible for the camera to fail in a major way that would destroy i ( Full Answer )

How do you view deleted pictures in your camera?

It's impossible to retrieve deleted pictures from a digital camera without taking it to a shop, or if it has that feature. The best option is just to create a backup of all your pictures. Even if you don't like the pictures.

Can you recover pictures that have been deleted on the camera?

Stop any activity on the digital camera immediately. Do not take any further pictures until you have removed the memory card that you have deleted pics from. If you insist on writing more data back to the camera memory card, chances of recovery will be greatly decreased. Then connect the card to you ( Full Answer )

How do you delete Bebo pictures?

you can only remove pictures you have uploaded your self on your own account there is a button under the picture which gives you many options like set as profile picture etc. click the one that says delete. hope this helps. many thanks

If you delete a picture on a digital camera can you get them back again?

It's actually very easy to get them back. Do not take any more pictures, and remove the card from the camera to lessen the chance of you overwriting some important pictures or videos. There are very many freeware software options available to help you recover your files. Please see the "Related Link ( Full Answer )

How do you delete a picture on facebook?

Go To The Album Your Photos In. . Under The Albums title You Should Find Edit Album Click That. . Find the Picture You Want To Delete. . In The Corner Of The Picture There's An Arrow Pointing Down. . Click The Arrow Pointing Down. . It Gives You 3 Choices " Move To Other Album " - " Make A ( Full Answer )

Where is the delete button for pictures on MySpace?

When you're on the photo, click edit photo, then delete photo. If you want to delete more than one at a time, go into the album, then edit photos, then move/delete photos, then select which photos you want, then click delete.

Can a theater delete pictures you took during a show?

A theater can only delete your pictures if you let them take your expensive camera from your hands and hold it long enough to delete them. They might ask you to delete them, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to. taking pictures when you're not supposed to can get you kicked out, though. I w ( Full Answer )

How do you get deleted pictures back?

Well, that's a broad question. The short answer: Use a photo recovery software program. The long answer: Right away, stop using the memory card. Any data that is written to the card after your pictures were accidentally deleted (or your card was accidentally formatted or corrupted) could possib ( Full Answer )

Can you delete picture in your pictures document?

yes ,you can just left click on the picture and you will see a list of options listed out for you and the sixteenth word is delete. When you click the delete button you will see a link about "Confirm file delete". If you want to delete the picture you click "yes" if not you click "no". Then you go i ( Full Answer )

How do you delete own pictures from facebook?

Login to your Facebook account. Click Profile button and then Photos tab. Click on a picture that you want to delete or click on a album that contains that photo and find it and click on the photo. When you see the magnified photo, scroll down and click on "Delete This Photo".

How do you delete pictures from Skype?

There,s no such option provided by skype, there are 2 options,either remove your picture or the other way is to download adefault skype display pic which is available on google (which showsa '?') download the pic n choose that as ur profile pic ... n u canclear ur previous profile pics history from ( Full Answer )

How do you delete a picture from your iPod?

If it is a screenshot or camera picture, there's a trashcan symbol in the bottom right. If not, the only way is to do it on your computer then sync it.

How do you delete pictures from your iPhone?

Its simple (kind of). You click on your photo app, then you click on the photo you want to delete. At the bottom right corner of your Iphone screen there is a trash can, you click on that. If you click on it it will either say "Delete Photo" or "Cancel" you may choose. If you would like to delete al ( Full Answer )

How to delete your picture from someone's album?

If it's in someones album, you can't delete it yourself. You have to ask them to take it down for you. You can however, remove the tag of yourself from the picture. This will prevent you from showing up in it.

How can you retrieve accidentally deleted pictures off a digital camera?

I have had success with this... Download a photo recovery (see link from related links) You must not take anymore pictures on your card. You have to use a card reader either on your computer or an external USB card reader. Put the card in the card reader, open the asoftech program, then select the d ( Full Answer )

How do you delete an app from your iPad 2?

Adieu to the App . Hold you finger on the pertinent app until all of the apps start jiggling, and an "X" within a circle appears on the top left corner of each app. . Press on the "X" of the app you wish to delete. A box will pop up; click on the Delete option.

How do you delete picture in an apple computer?

In iPhoto just right click the photo and then click "delete from album". Or you can left click the photo and then click Photos in the tool bar top left of screen and click "delete from album".

How do you delete picture on kik messenger?

If you're trying to delete your profile picture, you have toreplace it with a new one. If you're trying to delete a picture aspart of a conversation, you can delete it on your own phone, butthe other people involved in the coversation will still have it. Todelete a picture from a conversation on you ( Full Answer )

How do you delete pictures from your iPad 2?

doesnt it have the little bin icon down the bottom? You click on it anf then it should say are you sure you want to deete? Then you click confirm. I dont see how it would be different to the iPad one, or iPhone or iPod?

How do you delete YouTube in iPad 2?

You cannot. It is a core application (a part of the operating system) and cannot be deleted. The agreement with Apple and YouTube is coming close to expiry, and the IOS 6 update this fall will probably not have YouTube as a core app. Google is developing their own YouTube app right now.

How do you delete apps from the iPad 2?

press and hold on one of the apps until an X comes up in the corner and when apps start shaking. Then you press the X and press delete. You can move apps too you know. NOOB!

How do you delete a picture from an iPhone 4S?

If you only want to delete a few photos, you can do so on your iPhone: 1. Start the camera app 2. Tap the photo thumbnail in the bottom-left corner 3. Move your finger across the screen sideways until you find the photo you want to delete 4. Tap the trash can icon in the bottom-right corner ( ( Full Answer )

How do you delete pictures from an iphone5?

Go the the Photos app. Tap on the picture you want to delete. Inthe bottom right corner there is a trash can. Tap the trash can anddelete the picture.

How do you delete a picture on Tumblr?

You can only delete pictures on your own blog so when your on the home page click on posts at the side and find the post you want and there should be a trash can button :)