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Is it weird to like being naked in front of friends?


What is the meaning of fiendish?

being weird being weird

Can a weird 12 year old girl date a childish and weird 11 year old boy?

Well, at least they have the weird thing in common. And, as far as being child-ish, they both are; after all they're still in middle school. Until one of them is driving and can take them out on a proper date, they're just friends.

What if a guy wants to be friends but you still love him?

awww tell em how you feel... if you guys are friends he'll accept it butdont make things two weird you still want to be his friend in the end

How do you make friends without being weird?

You just try to go out and be yourself, don't try to be someone you're not.

What do you do if a picture of you went around the whole school?

ignore everyone that is being weird about it and only be friends with the people that it doesn't bother because they could be your real friends.

What happens when you have no firends?

You stop being the weird, awkward, nerdy person you probly are, and you go out and make friends

What do you do if you want to go out wiht someone but all your friends think the person is weird?

Well it depends on the type of weird. For example if it were trouble-maker weird, listen to your friends. If its funny weird then go with what you want, your friends shouldn't be making your decisions. Good luck.

How do i talk to my girl crush when I'm a girl What do I talk about without it being random or weird?

try to become friends with her and be nice and if she excepts you then fantastic you'll be able to talk to her without it being weird, but if she's mean to you she's not worth it.

CAn you still be good friends with a guy that was almost youre boyfriend when you guys would make out and mess around and then he dediced for you to friends but we were friends in the start?

you dont be his frend you could be his friend.... but is really weird...... trust me........

Is being in love with your best friends brother weird?

No it is perfectlly natural depending on age but may strain the relationship with you friend

Are you weird for being Emo?

emos are weird stop being emo!!! 3:)

Is hanging out with your girlfriend and her friends at break times in school a bit weird?

it is only weird if you make it weird. to her friends it may show your not afraid, and give a plus on their idea of a "good" boyfriend to her. So yes & no it is a bit weird.

What to do if you like a guy who thinks your friends are weird?

try to keep him from your friends

Does having anime characters as your imaginary friends weird?

No it is not weird to have anime characters as your imaginary friends. Just know the boundaries of reality and fiction.

Is having more girl friends than guy friends is that weird?

no its not weird at all it just means that girls like to hang uot with you

Use the word weird in a sentence?

My friends and I went to a weird party last night!

What if a guy says to a girl your not weird your just special what does that mean?

It really depends on the tone of voice. Did he say it in a sensitive and caring way, while comforting you because you were upset about being called "weird"? Then he likes you. Did he roll his eyes and laugh with his friends after you explained that you were proud of being weird? Then he just called you mentally deficient. It could also mean that he likes the "weird" part of you

What do you do if you stopped being mean but now everyone thinks your weird?

You begin to derive pride from being weird. There are plenty of mean people in the world. Being weird is not a bad alternative.

What do girls EXACTLY mean by they just want to be friends but they still act like they are more than a friend?

They Mean that they just want to be friends no touchy feely or anything weird just normal.

What if your friends make fun of you because they think the guy you like is weird?

So what? Most people will tease you becase of crushes at some stage. If your friends are being hurtful to you, tell them. If they keep being hurtful to you after they've told you they're being hurtful, then they're not being good friends. Sometimes your friends and your boyfriend/girlfriend won't get on. That's normal. You should be your own person and decide what is in your best interests.

Is it weird that you get jealous when your girlfriend spends time with your best friends?

No that isn't weird, it just simple jelousy.

Does Rihanna still have her weird-looking guitar tattoo?

yes Rihanna does still have her weird-looking guitar tattoo!

Is being a vegetarian weird?


If your boyfriend's friends start acting silly when you're with him?

Maybe he's just being weird...randomnly. Or maybe he likes you but I recommend staying with your boyfriend.