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Brief history of colonial Georgia?


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Founded by James Oglethorpe in 1732.

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William Stephens was the president of colonial Georgia

Savannah was the capital city of Colonial Georgia.

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The main exports of colonial Georgia were tobacco and sugar cane.

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The land in Georgia in colonial times, is similar to the land in Georgia now

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Approximately 2500 people resided in colonial Georgia.

Yes, Georgia traded with the Indians in Colonial times.

Colonial Georgia was in the southern colony. Right under South Carolina.

Georgia had multiple plantations.

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Colonial Georgia had a much milder climate from New England. So it was easier to build homes. Wood was plentiful. There are pictures on the web site below.

The colonial people in Georgia were people from England who wanted a better life than what they had in England.

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Colonial Georgia was governed by the trustees who founded the colony, until 1752, when it became a royal colony.

Some of the jobs that were available in Colonial Georgia included blacksmith, cobbler, and printer. The Georgia Colony lasted from 1732 to 1777.

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