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Bright spot in eye and headache?

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You could possibly have an eye infection, so go to the doctor. Maybe you need glasses.

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The yellow spot or the bright spot is a point on the retina which is most sensitive to light radiations. It is probably called so because yellow is the colour to which human eye is most sensitive.

A headache that is primarily behind the eye is called a cluster headache. A cluster headache can be controlled by over the counter pain relief such as Advil.

I experience headache behind left eye but no accompanying tingling. Doctor has diagnosed eye headache as symptom of blocked Sinus.

A flash is a miracle of a bright spot is a straight line like the sun so bright to the right path is the starting point of a lifelong l love you

Not really a bright spot, but a prominence, the word is "flare".

Yes, animal cells have an eye spot.

The blind spot is where the optic nerve connects to the eye.

bright lights, chocolate, red wine

a blind spot is when someone stares at the light and it makes a spot in there eye that makes them blind.they call it a blind spot because it makes you blind and it makes a spot in your eye.

The blind spot in the eye is the part that you cannot see without moving your head.

There is one blind spot in each eye. It is the place where all the light receptor connections in the retina leave the eye and form the optic nerve. There are no light receptors right at this spot which is why it is called the blind spot.

The blind spot is located at the point where the Optic Nerve connects to the Retina of the eye.

The blind spot of the eye is when light rays converge directly on to the optic nerve and not on the retina.

it might be sun spots.

The eye spot in plant like protists function as a sensory structure.

The blind spot in your eye is caused by optical fibers. They all come together at one specific point in the back of your eye, which causes you to have a blind spot.

The eye spot enables the protozoa to sense light. This is what will facilitate the process of photosynthesis in an efficient manner.

It will look like a bright, red ball in the sky, which appears visible to the human eye at intervals of 79 years. The next sighting is estimated in year 2082.

I think you had a hurt in your eye. Consult a good eye doctor.

it uses there eye sight to spot them

A white spot on a dog's eye can be caused by an injury, such as getting poked by a stick. It can also be caused by a problem in the eye, such as a parasitic worm.

stress--kids--bright light--drinking--loud noise

Every eye has a blind spot where the nose is blocking the view. If you close one eye you can tell that on the other side of your nose you cannot see what is there until you open your other eye.

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