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Q: Bring out the features of equity shares to preference share divident reserves and surplus?
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What are reserves and surplus in finance?

What is reserve & surplus in accounts

What is the entry for reserves and surplus?

entries for Reserve & surplus

What is the difference between reserves and surplus?

A reserve is a planned amount, a surplus is unplanned.

What is the meaning of reserves and surplus?

Amount appropriated out of earned surplus (retained earnings) for future planned or unforeseen expenditure.

Why is reserves and surplus a part of liabilities?

reserves and surplus are shown into liability side of the financial statiment, since reserve is the money set aside from the capital for future use hence defining surplus as a debit in the business thus attributing to its liabiltiness,

All what are features of the metabolism of surplus dietary carbohydrate in human beings except a excess glucose is first used to fill glycogen reserves b excess glucose suppresses f?


Where and under which heading is the unclaimed dividend disclosed in the balance sheet of the company?

reserves surplus

How do you figure out retained earnings?

by balance sheet under reserves and surplus heading otherwise in profit and loss appropriation a/c

Ths amount of the mutual insurer's owners equity that has not been set aside for any specific purpose or money reserves?

Surplus Reinsurance

What is the acronym of surplus?


What is a crop surplus?

there is no such a thing as crop surplus but there is surplus crop which means the stored crops.

What part of speech is surplus?

When there is a surplus (large amount) of something, surplus is used as a noun.

What features of mesopotamia geography forced the sumerians to trade?

they needed wood and eventually they had to trade their surplus for it and other things they didn't have but needed badly.

What is the analogy of surplus?


Is surplus a homophone?

There is no homophone for the word surplus.

What is landform of surplus farming?

Surplus farming is not a landform. A surplus is a quantity greater than required, it is possible to have a surplus from any fertile ground.

Is China in a trade deficit or surplus?

surplus Quantify the surplus amount as in March 2011

What is the plural of surplus?

surpluses is the plural of surplus x3

What conditions lead to a surplus?

What conditions lead to a surplus?

What does surplus merchandise?

to return the surplus merchandise to the supplier

What did the Greeks have a surplus of?

They had a surplus of rocky land and people

What are the components of land surplus?

Land surplus are income

What are the components of surplus land?

Land surplus are income

How are consumer surplus and producer surplus measured?

Consumer surplus and producer surplus are measured using the price applied. Consumer surplus is when a consumer pays a less amount than expected while producer surplus is when a product fetches more money that expected.

What was one of the basic features of early civilization?

To develop into a civilisation, a people had to first develop a surplus of food in order to progress beyond merely surviving.