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Where do you live? I have a spider with that description on my back porch, I'm feeding him fies :)

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What kind of spider has an orange body with a black stripe?

It was probably just a red back spider which you probably just hallucinated. ( Thought it was orange. )

What is the order of belt colors in karate?

its white, red, orange ,yellow, purple, blue, green, green with a black stripe, brown, brown with a black stripe, black, and black with your name in Japanese

What are the levels in karate?

white yellow orange purple purple stripe green green stripe brown brown stripe red red stripe cho-Dan BO black these are master Johnsons belts

I have a spider in my kitchen and he is yellow and grey and black and orange and a little brown. What kind of spider is this could it be a jumping spider?

I believe this spider friend of yours is a jumping spider, although there are lots of other spiders out there who are yellow, grey, black, orange and brown.

What is a black spider with yellow stripe?

If it has more then one stripe then it is probably a banana spider.

What is a brown spider with orange spot on belly?

A Southern Black Widow or Brown Widow

What brown spider has an orange hourglass on stomach?

It is likely a brown widow spider. They're not as venomous as a black widow spider, but you should still be very careful with it.

What are the colors of Kung Fu Wushu belts in order from white the lowest to black the highest?

Well, in Kung Fu, there are sashes not belts. They can be in different order depending on the school but it is usually: White White w/ Stripe Yellow Yellow w/ Stripe Orange Orange w/ Stripe Green Green w/ Stripe Purple Purple w/ Stripe Blue Blue w/ Stripe Brown Brown w/ Stripe Red Red w/ Stripe Black Sash - very high skill level

How many ranks does Tae Kwon Do has?

It depends where you take it. My school it goes White Yellow Stripe Yellow Orange Stripe Orange Green Stripe Green Blue Stripe Blue Red Stripe Red Black Stripe White Stripe Black

What Spider has red or orange legs?

If you in Northern Wisconsin it could be a typical Orange Garden spider. Orange legs with orange - white - brown - white - black tips. Orange head and thorax with a colorful Orange black, white and yellow in a pattern like a wasp on the abdomen.

Is their a red belt in hapkido?

yes! the belts in my studio go: white, yellow, orange, purple, green, blue, brown, brown 1 stripe, red, red 1 stripe then finally... black.

What flying insect has is black an orange stripe?

Sandflies have black wings with an orange stripe. They live in nests that they build on dirt mounds and piles.

What kind of spider is a small black spider with a red stripe and on the stripe black dots?

I'm pretty sure that's a black widow. If the stripe is on its back then it is probably a variation of a velvet ant, it on the belly side, most likely a black widow

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