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The basic beliefs of Buddhism revolve around suffering and are called The Four Noble Truths. These truths reveal that there is suffering, desire causes suffering, suffering can be ended, and in order to end suffering you must follow the Eightfold Path.

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Suffering exists.Craving is the cause of suffering.

Basic belief of Hinduism India and Buddhism and Confucianism is Peace & Non Violence. Also humanity & breaking the cycle of life is also important.

BUddhism does not utilize adeity in its system of progress towards enlightenment and Nirvana. No gods, no prophets, no salvation, no damnation.

Buddhism, shintoism, Christianity, confucism, and that's all i can remember Shinto which in basic terms is belief in harmony with nature

a statement of a basic belief of reiliogous faith =]!! a statement of a basic belief of reiliogous faith =]!! a statement of a basic belief of reiliogous faith =]!! a statement of a basic belief of reiliogous faith =]!!

That is a basic tenet of belief in the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths. Other faiths, (notably Buddhism) have differing beliefs of life after death.

Heresy is a belief that contradicts basic church teachings.

While understanding the Four Noble Truths and living in accordance with the Eighfold Path could be described as the basic teachings of Buddhism, the Dalai Lama suggests that learning to live skillfully is the basic lesson of Buddhism.

What basic freedoms do you thinkALL people have? what were the founders belief about rights

The basic belief of Buddhism is that all living beings suffer to some degree or other. For sentient (thinking beings) this is caused by desire. Most beings do not like to suffer. There is therefore a need to reduce suffering. This may be achieved by reducing desire. The route to reducing suffering is to follow th suggestions of the EightoldPath.

The basic belief is the belief in one and only one God (Allah in Arabic), the Creator, with no associate, no partner, no son, no companion, and no resemblance.

Mostly a combination of Buddhism and Taoism.

they are suffering, death and starvation

X*NOVANET ANSWER*XBuddhism promised freedom from suffering.Ross-boss was X

Hersey is the belief that contradicts basic church teachings! Hope I helped

the basic belief we have is on our life changing figure "Bhuddha".. he touches every life of bhutanese and our religion is based on his teachings...!

Peace of mind, reincarnation, and Forgiveness.

Eat when hungrySleep when tired

Risalah means prophethood. Having belief in all Prophets is a basic belief of the Muslims.

Some of the basic belief of Hinduism are as follows. Dharma (righteous living) Artha (material prosperity) Kāma (enjoyment) & Moksha (liberation).

If it's in the Torah, it's basic to Judaism.

some basic beliefs of zen buddism are that you should always stay calm

Buddhists do not believe in any immortal, all-powerful gods. We do believe that people can attain a finite span of existence as a Deva in a Deva realm, where a Deva has more capabilities than humans do.

The basic belief statement of Islam is Kamah-i-Shahadat. It says that Almighty Allah is ONE, and Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) is his slave and Prophet.

The Vietnamese religion is Buddhism, but don't get it confuse with Tibetan Buddhism because they both have different beliefs but follow the same basic concepts.