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Bump on eye?

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A bump on the eye can be related to a number of different conditions. These include styes or chalazions, which are found on the eyelid.

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What can cause a bump on your eye lids?

what cause bump on eye lids

Why do you have a bump on your eye?

What bump are you talking about

What does it mean when you have a bump on your eye?

that's not a bump that's the lens in your eye that sticks out

Why do you have a bump in the middle of your eye?

baby bump!

What is the Yellowish bump in the eye?

high cholesterol causes a fatty deposit in the eye

What could a bump in the eye area be?

saiy saiy

White pimple like bump on eye?


Why is the eye important to the other parts of the body?

you will not bump into anything

Does an inward bump on the head need medical attention.?

no but keep an eye on it

What is a red bump in the eye in the left hand side?

See a doctor.

Could a red bump under your eye be from something sexual?

No, not at all.

What does a red bump in between your eye and eyebrow mean?

pimple or wart

The transparent front surface of the eye is called what?

The cornea is the raised bump that is clear.

How to get rid of a bump on eye that's not red?

if its on the eye lid get some INTENSIVE MOISTURISER the companys name is BLISTEX you can get it from superdrug just apply it to your eye lid

What is this pink shiny bump appearing on the side of the nose by the eye that comes with sinus and face pain then the bump goes away leaving no mark what is this?

acne. . .

What does a stye on the eye look like?

A stye eye is a small, reddish bump on the eye's lining (usually where eyeliner is applied on the bottom of the eye). Sometimes, it has a white tip.

What is a stye in the eye?

A stye eye a small, reddish bump located on the eye's lining (where eyeliner is usually applied on the bottom of the eye). It is caused my oil blockage in the eye or the effect of dirt that wasn't properly cleaned out of the eye.

Who put the bump in the bump she bump she bump?

YOU put the bump in the bump she bump she bump

What is the grey bump near my cat's eye?

Ya mean the nose? Ya, all cats have that

Does Megan good have kids?

Nope. Although, she recently married, so keep an eye out for the baby bump.

Bump or a mass on the corner of your eye next to your nose that is hard what could this be no pain?

Sounds like a stye

What is a bump on your eye called?

a stie or a blocked oil bubble cheak with ur doctor and get surgery to remove

What is the sharp pain when i bump my head next to my eye?

Simply that. Pain. It is a reaction of the nervous system to trauma.

How to get rid of calcium bump on the inside of the eye lid?

Go visit your eye doctor as soon as you can so that your cornea does not get scratched or other problems develop. You need someone with the proper training and tools to correctly remove the bump. Most other doctors would send you there, too.

What is stide?

A sty is an inflammation of the the base of the eyelashes. A sty can cause your eye to turn pink and cause a bump.

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