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It is expensive.


Cheap or expensive depends on the boundaries you set for the question. As an example if you consider only the cost of buying gasoline (a processed fossil fuel) at the pump you can decide on its relative cost against your own finances which might make it expensive, or you can compare it to othe purchases (a litre of gasoline at about $1/L is much cheaper than $30/L for Scotch whikey). or you can expand the cost toincludee environmental damage caused by oil and gas exploration, drilling, processing and our automotive culture which might make it ,if not expensive, an unskilled use of rare resources.

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Q: Burning Fossil fuels is expensive or cheap?
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What chemical equation for the burning of fossil fuels?

Burning of fossil fuels is an oxidation reaction.

What chemical equation for the burning of fossil fuels Apex?

Burning of fossil fuels is an oxidation reaction.

The majority of the worlds electricity is supplied by burning 2 words?

fossil fuels

Why is burning fossil fuels an issue?

Bcoz burning of fossil fuels releases poisonous fuels which are harmful to human health....;)

Burning fossil fuels produces?

sulfur oxide

Burning fossil fuels?

burning fossil fuels is bad for cats because it makes them fall from places they are :P

Why does burning wood and burning fossil fuels produce similar pollutants?

Burning fossil fuels and burning wood produce similar pollutants because wood and fossil fuels are both consist of hydrogen and carbon. Carbon dioxide is produced when burning wood and fossil fuel.

Does burning fossil fuels affect the water cycle?

No, the burning of fossil fuels affects the carbon cycle, but not the water cycle.

What is caused by burning too much fossil fuels?

Air pollution is caused by burning too much fossil fuels.

which describes the burning of fossil fuels?

Burning fossil fuels contributes to climate change and are nonrenewable.

What envirommental problem is created by burning fossil fuels?

The enviromental problem caused by burning fossil fuels is air pollution.Global warming

What statement about fossils fuels is not true?

Fossil fuels are clean burning and will not be bad for the environment. We will never run out of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are good for our health. These are a few that are not true about fossil fuels.