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wat the he*ll that ain't a question jus go to the crappy versoin it still

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How do you get on aim when its blocked?

just go to and you can get on aim, msn, yahoo and google talk.

Does ray ray from Mindless Behavior have a aim?

yes he does i know but cant say or i will be blocked

How do you unblock a buddie from aim buddy list?

access your list of blocked people. Remove them from the list. or if they're online right click on their name and click unblock.

Why is Webkinz blocked?

If it is blocked at home your parents blocked it, but if it is blocked at school the blocked it because it was a game.

What does it mean when the aim says Authenticition is not allowed?

It Means That Something Is Wrong With Your Account.. You maybe put the wrong zip code.. If your using your email address .. you maybe put the wrong country in or zip code, as well... Basicly, your account was blocked but if it was blocked by mistake, It soon will work again.

How do you group chat on aim?

in Aim or in iChat? AIM :(

How do you unblock people who have blocked you on Facebook?

you cant as they blocked you however you can if you blocked them first

Who blocked you on hotmail?

msn blocked me

On aim what are aim bots?

AIM bots are automatic AIM Buddy's that can have polls, games, news, etc.

Should a user that is blocked on Wikianswers be blocked from all Wiki sites?

No, when you are blocked from Wiki.Answers.Com, you are blocked from that one website, not every single website, only if you then login with the blocked account on the other Wiki Website.

What is an aim name?

An Aim Name Is A Name That Names Your Aim User is were you get an aim at!!!yahoooo lol

How do you use aim in a sentence?

I aim my cross bow at a target to get a better shot.My aim is true. Your aim will help.

How do you Send a message when blocked on someones my space?

call their house Of course not ... why do you think you are blocked? THINK!!! Blocked means just that ... blocked for any kind of access.

Are there any fun games that are not blocked by schools?

When they are blocked, they are blocked for a reason. There are a few gaming sites that may not have been blocked, like, and

How can the word 'aim' be used in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.Aim and fire at the target.My aim is to teach you to write a sentence.You should aim for a better education.

How do you play meez if blocked?

You dont they blocked it for a reason

Y is netlog blocked?

Maybe a parent has blocked it?

What is light blocked by?

Light is blocked by light form

What does UIB stand for?

User is blocked User is blocked

Should MySpace be blocked in school?

No it shouldn't be blocked!!!!!!!!!

How do you access way2sms in a blocked domain?

This domain is blocked.

Does a blocked sender know their emails have been blocked?


What is the definition of blocked entry?

It means that you can't get in and that its blocked.

My Hotmail has been blocked?

.. why has my hotmail been blocked

What is lexi's aim?

My aim is Lexigrl2009!!

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