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By what age should babies point?

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interesting question, probably at most 30 months, because by two many know how to talk to ask for things.

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What age should you stop having babies?

Doctors highly recommend that women stop having babies around their mid 30s. Having babies durring or above this age, may cause miscarriages.

At what age should babies start to eat solid food?

4 to 6 months

What age should you stop breeding a German Shepherd?

I would stop by age 6 by then they are tired of having babies, and it gets harder on them

At what age can tamagotchies have babies?

They can have babies from 5 to 7

What age to babies start talking?

babies start talking about age at 2 years old

What age can bottlenose dolphins have babies?

At the age of 8-10 can bottle-nose dolphins have babies.

What age should you start having babies?

There is no set age to start reproducing. However it is better if you are mature, financially secure and in a secure relationship.

What age do babies start to sit up?

Babies start to sit up at the age of 10 months

How do you remove ball point pen ink from skin?

Baby oil should get it off, and since it's safe for babies, it should be safe for you.

Can your 2 month old rabbit get babies?

no a female rabbit can't get babies at the age of two months. at least they can get babies at the age of four months.

Can older fixed cats go through a point were they feel they need babies?

No, a fixed cat at any age will not feel the urge to reproduce.

Can babies under 8 months eat cookies?

Babies at this age are just starting to eat solid foods. They should eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, not cookies.

When is it that dolphins have babies'?

When females reach a certain age is when dolphins have their babies

What age do guinea pigs stop having babies?

They stop having babies at six monthes of age. after that, if the guinea pig get pregnant, babies cant be born which would kill the mother because a couple bones close after that age and babies cant come out.

At what age are dogs able to have babies?

dogs are able to produce pups at the age of one but they should only have pups at 2 years old for they will be more mature

Why Don't babies Age Up In Sims 3 Generations?

Babies do age up in the sims 3 generations :P

At what age would be good to move the babies from their mom so the babies don't get her pregnant?

around six weeks of age

Are five year old children still considered babies?

No, a 5 yr old is a child. About age 2 is when you stop considering a kid a baby. At that point they are toddlers till age 5.

How do mice have babies?

A mouse has babies just like any other animal. When the mouse is about 5 weeks of age it can have babies. It is wise to separate your females from your males before this age to prevent any unwanted babies.

At which age do babies start counting?

when their Kayla peavys age

What age can you teach babies to walk?

Around the age of one.

When does baby talk?

Babies all develop at a different rate, so it is hard to be specific. Though most babies should be able to say 2 to 3 words by age 1.

What age can you start having babies at?

When you have your period usually....but also when you are financially able as well as physically and emotionally too. Babies are expensive so you and your spouse ideally should have good income.

When do dolphins have the babies?

They do not have babies female reach a certain age and it just happens.

What age can platy fish have babies?

well mine had babies @ 5 months