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Yes you can tell this just by her behavior. If she likes you and spends more time with you, she isn't cheating.

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How do you plant four trees in equal distances?

whos your teacher son? i am chan. i am gonna tell her u cheating on internet c u

Isnt ok that vita c can abort a 1month old fetus?

Vitamin C can not abort anything.

What is an igneous rock with fine grains?

if you asked that question, that means you are A: Cheating on homework, B: Completely Bored or C: Just Plain stupid! But whatever the reason, I'll tell ya. It is unfoliated. Please email me at kesdoodle56@hotmail.com and put the subject: A,B,C, Answers.com and tell me if you were doing A B or C!

What is the role of an ex-girlfriend?

If you are the "Ex-Girlfriend" than you should either, A. Ignore Your Ex-Boyfriend B. Ignore His New Girlfriend C. Try To Be Friends D. Cry Your Eyes Out E. Be A Jerk To Him You should do C.

How do you make the C folder the default folder?

If it isnt already, you can't in any simple way

You are 20 and you never had a boyfriend?

Then something must be wrong with u....get a makeover....or change ur sex and try to get a girlfriend...but dont tell her b/c she will leave

How can you tell if your gf is cheating?

If she is distant, doesn't want to be around you, or won't let you kiss or hug her she may be cheating. or u c her making out intensly with ur best friend in the gameroom.but eventually u learn the truth and you egg ur x-friends house and ur back 2gether with her

What are the ratings and certificates for The O-C- - 2003 The Girlfriend 1-6?

The O-C- - 2003 The Girlfriend 1-6 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M USA:TV-PG

Who is Ross Lynchs girlfriend?

Her name is Mckayla C

What are the release dates for The O-C- - 2003 The Girlfriend 1-6?

The O-C- - 2003 The Girlfriend 1-6 was released on: USA: 9 September 2003 Japan: 19 August 2006

Who sings C-side girlfriend boyfriend?

C-Side is the name of the group stupid! hahaha

If Cesium fluoride has a melting point of 682 degrees C and a solubility of 3.67 kgkg H2O at 25 degrees C explain the difference between the properties of CsF and NaF?

i am trying to copy form the internet toooo tell me if u guys find it don't tell the teacher that we guys are cheating or well working hard to find ans on the internet. :) thank u

How do you know if online girlfriend is cheating?

If you are searching this up you are a lonely desprete peice of c r a p that online dates NEVER TRUST THEN IN THE FIRST PLACE THEY CAN BE A FAT HOBO TRYING TO KIDNAP YOU SO NO

Why do you feel like cheating on your husband of nine years?

b/c you love him but you aren"t IN LOVE with him

How many 128 C in a gallon?

You'll have to tell us what a "C" is.

What climate zone is most of South America located in?

a. arctic b. polar c. d the answer would be tropical, and this answer isnt for k12 6graders :)

Can cousins get married in Fiji?

well, cousins getting married isnt correct coz he/she is your family member but its allowed in india so i dont c why!!

What is the different between Compiler and Interpreter in C or C plus plus programming?

It is easy to tell: there is no interpreter for C and C++, they are compiled languages.

How do you get a gut to like you but he has a girlfriend?

u c to get a guy 2 like u and he haz a girlfriend u gotta look cute and pay attention to him and make him jealous.

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