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Q: C plus plus program for sum of n numbers using class?
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C plus plus program to swap two numbers using friend function as a bridge?

write a program to swap two value using friend function

Program to generate Fibonacci series using storage class in c plus plus?

i dn't know. haha

How do you Write a program using c plus plus to sort 3 numbers in increasing order?

Store the values in an array and perform an insertion sort.

A program c plus plus on automorphic numbers or not?

how to write a program that counts automorphic number from 1 to 999

How do you write a C plus plus program that will display the first 10 positive prime numbers?

By learning how to program on C+.

Write a program for Fibonacci series by using copy constructor in c plus plus?

write a program for Fibonacci series by using cunstructer ti initilised the value

Write a program in c plus plus to print given numbers in ascending order?

Put the numbers in a vector and sort the vector. Then print it.

Write a C or C plus plus program to print first 50 odd numbers using do-while loop?

int i = 1; do printf ("%d\n", i) while ((i+=2) <= 101);

How develop c plus plus program that swap two number with out using temporary variable?

To swap two numbers without using a temporary variable, use the bitwise exclusive or function... A^=B; B^=A; A^=B;

How do you write a c plus plus program for least to greatest numbers?

Put the numbers in a vector (std::vector) then sort the vector (std::sort).

How do you write a C plus plus program to print the area of rectangle using overloading class?

There is no such concept as an overloaded class in C++. Only functions can be overloaded. Assuming you have a rectangle class with width and height members, you can encapsulate a get_area member method that returns the product of the width and height members. There is no need to overload anything to achieve this.

Write c plus plus program to calculate simple interest using friend function which return float value?

It's a very simple program Aoher without using friend function is given in E.balagurusamy. you can develop your program from that logic.

C plus plus program using a stacks converting a postfix-infix?


Write a program using single inheritance in C plus plus?

Single inheritance simply means that every derived class within a class hierarchy has exactly one direct base class, and no class can be repeated in the hierarchy. With multiple inheritance, base classes can be repeated and are (usually) declared virtual base classes so there is only one instance rather than multiple instances.

Write a C plus plus program that asks the user to enter five numbers?

Write a program that asks the user to enter five numbers.Use a floating point data type to hold the numbers.The program should create a file and save all five numbers to the file.

How do you get the number 13 using only numbers 1 and 5 and 7 and 8 using the numbers only once?

8 plus 1 , minus 5, plus 7 + 13

Program to get a system time using c plus plus?

time in hours second minute

Explain instantiation of objects in c plus plus?

Instantiation of a class literally means creating an instance of a class. This is the process of allocating memory for an object that you can use in your program.

How do you factor x2 plus y2 plus xy?

Using real numbers, you cannot.

How do you alternate the input numbers using for loop in c plus plus?

Input a variable.

A class in a program whose objects are created and destroyed throughout the program It is desired that the total number of live objects in the program be known how you do this in C plus plus?

Create a static member variable to contain the count. This variable is common to all instances of the class.Initialize that variable to zero at the beginning of the program.In the class constructor, increment the variable.In the class destructor, decrement the variable.

In c plus plus Who tells the compiler that a specific class will be declared later in the program?

use this statement:class specific_class;

Write a C plus plus program to add two complex numbers using overloading a binary operator plus?

class complex { private: double real; double imaginary; public: complex() {...} // constructor, etc. operator+(const& complex a) { // operator plus this->real += a.real; this->imaginary += a.imaginary; } }

Is c plus plus is pure object oriented?

No, Becouse we can write C++ program without class

How do you make prime number program using if else condition in c plus plus?

nee babu