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Q: Calcium is used in what?
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What is calcium or compounds of calcium used for?

Calcium is used by our body to make bones. Calcium carbonate is used to make chalks. Compounds of calcium are found in toothpaste.

List two uses of calcium?

Calcium can be used in dairy products such as milk, or the calcium in the bones of humans, and animals. Calcium can be used in dairy products such as milk, or the calcium in the bones of humans, and animals.

How is Calcium used in the real world?

Calcium is used in milk.... although you can get more calcium in a glass of skim milk than when it has fat

What are systemic coagulants used for?

Systemic coagulants used to replace calcium, vitamin K, and other blood coagulants factors. Ex: calcium salts, calcium chloride…

Why does a fetus need calcium?

Calcium is used to form bones

Why does fetus need calcium?

Calcium is used to form bones

Calcium carbonate element what is it used for?

Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) is used in the construction industry. It is a key component of many construction materials, such as cement, limestone, and marble (which is almost pure calcium carbonate). It is also used as a dietary supplement to prevent calcium deficiency.

Why Gold is used instead of calcium to make jewelry?

Gold is used instead of calcium to make jewelery.

Explain why calcium hydroxide can be used in this way?

Calcium hydroxide is used to test for carbon dioxide because the product of the reaction, calcium carbonate, is insoluble, and easily visible.

What salt would you get if you used calcium hydroxide and HCl?

Calcium chloride

Is calcium in steel?

No. Calcium is to reactive to be used in any common alloys.

What chemical reagent in this experiment can be used to distinguish calcium chloride from solid calcium carbonate?

Calcium chloride is soluble in water, calcium carbonate not.

Why is calcium oxide used in farms?

Calcium oxide is a base that is sometimes used to neutralize soil that is too acidic.

What does calcium lactate get used for?

Black or white crystalline salt. It is made from the action of calcium carbonate and and lactic acid. Calcium lactate is used in foods and it is also present in medicines.

Do you use roman numerals for calcium?

roman numerals used for calcium is Ca (II) as calcium as 2 valence electrons.

How do you apply calcium hydroxide?

calcium hydroxide is used to neuralise the acidity in soil

The carrier molecules used in active transport are?

calcium ions in the calcium pump

The goodness of calcium?

Calcium is used in the body to make the bones hard and strong.

What foods is calcium used in?

Calcium is found in high concentrations in dairy products.

Why is calcium used as a reducing agent?

Because calcium oxidizes relatively easily.

Can calcium oxide be used to neutralise water polluted with acid rain?

No, you need Calcium Carbonate not Calcium Oxide to neutralize the acid.

What medications can be used in the treatment of IBS?

Following the medication can be used for the IBS treatments. Lotronex for ... Calcium supplements, specifically calcium carbonate, can be used by diarrhea sufferers as they can ...

What is the use of calcium carbonate in PVC?

Calcium carbonate is used as a filler additive in PVC.

Calcium carbonate used in concrete?

Yes we add calcium carbonate in concrete but how much?

What does calcium carbonate and acid make?

The calcium salt of the acid used and carbon dioxide.