Can a atom lose electrons while gaining electrons at the same time If its possible, what would cause this reaction?

If a Na atom is giving an electron to a Cl atom to form an ionic bond, could the Na or CI atoms gain electrons from other surrounding atoms?

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this is actually possible . this is because it will form an ionic bond will result a complete transfer of valence electrons from one atom to the other resulting in two ions with opposite charges

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Q: Can a atom lose electrons while gaining electrons at the same time If its possible, what would cause this reaction?
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A chemical reaction in which a substance loses one of more electrons is witch reaction?

If one substance is losing electrons (where it is gaining charge, or oxidizing), we must assume those electrons are going to another substance in the reaction, which will cause the charge to go down, or reduce. This type of equation is called a Redox (reduction-oxidation) reaction.

How can an atom become positively or negatively charged by gaining or losing this subatomic particle?

Gaining or losing electrons can cause an atom to become positively or negatively charged

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If an atom that gains one or more electrons will have what charge?

Gaining an electron will cause an atom to have a NEGATIVE charge because electrons have negative charges and atoms are neutral.

If you have Mg and after a reaction you then have Mg2 what happened to cause this change?

Mgnesium lost two electrons (reduction).

What happens in an oxidation reduction reaction?

Oxidation reduction is an exchange of electrons. When oxidized loses electrons it can cause reduction in the gain of electrons to remember this always think OILRIG.

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How a battery cause electron in move in a circuit?

It is an oxidation/reduction reaction. Electrons flow from anode to cathode.

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Why does a friction cause a charge to develop?

When certain materials are rubbed against each other, electrons transfer from one material to the other, causing the material that is losing electrons to become more positive and the material that is gaining electrons to become more negative.

Why do some atoms gain electrons and other atoms lose electrons during ionic bonding?

be cause electron gaining atom is placed far to the atom s nueclius so that it does NT attract that at all ,&it escapes from the outermost orbital..........

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