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Q: Can rubbing alcohol still be used after expiration date?
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Can isopropyl alcohol still be used for rubbing after expiration date Can isopropyl alcohol still be used?


Does liquid hydrocodone go bad?

As with ALL medications, there is an EXPIRATION DATE, so YES it can go bad and should not be used past the expiration date. I forget what the exact percentage is, but liquid hydrocodone also has alcohol (not rubbing alcohol) as an ingredient.

Does ethyl alcohol have an expiration date?

No, it doesn't have an expiry date.

Is Yakult still good after expiration date?

well most foods are still good after their expiration date because usually the expiration date is the sell date, so yes it could still be good. also yes and no bacause the expiration date is not entirely accurate. if it is a year past its expiration date i advise you NOT to eat it!

Does rubbing compound have an expiration date?

No, I have used rubbing compound that was 10 years old and it worked just like it was new.

Are batteries still good after the expiration date?

Batteries will still be good after the expiration date but won't hold as much of a charge.

Will nutrofurantoin-macro still be effective for treating UTI after expiration date?

It is not recommended that you take a medication after it's expiration date. Therefore nutrofurantoin-macro will not still be effective for treating an UTI after the expiration date.

Is eggnog still edible after expiration date?


Are antibiotics still good after expiration date on bottle?

No. antibiotics cannot be considered good after expiration date on bottle.

Is a coupon still good on expiration date?


How to find the hard hat expiration date?

There is no expiration date! There is a date of manufacture under the brim. It really depends on the condition, whether it is still OK.

How long after its expiration date is neosporin still good?

About 6 months after the date.

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