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Unless you put it in a sock and hit someone with it.

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Q: Can 9 volt battery kill?
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Can a 12volt Battery charger that is rated at 8 amps be used to charge a 9 volt golf cart battery?

no, if you charge 9 volt battery with 12 volt battery you will destroy 9 volt battery

Will a 3 volt motor run with a 9 volt battery?

A 3 volt motor will burn with a 9 volt battery. Not recommended.

How does a 9 volt battery charger work?

A 9 volt battery charger is designed to charge 9 volt batteries.The answer to the Related Question explains how any battery charger works.

What is inside a 9 volt battery?

6 quadruple a batteries its on youtube if you search 9 volt battery hack

Is a lead acid car battery the same as a 9 volt alkaline battery?

No, a lead acid battery is a wet cell battery and a 9 volt alkaline battery is a dry cell battery.

Can you use a 9 volt charger for a 6 volt battery?

No, the battery will be overcharged and battery damage will occur if it is done.

Can you use a 3 volt charger for a 9 volt battery?


What does a battery clip do?

it operates a battery,mostly a 9 volt battery

What Happens if a 9 volt battery touches another 9 volt battery?

It heats up very hot and may explode.

Can a 9 volt charger be used to charge a 7.2 volt battery?


How fat is a 9 volt battery?


How do you reboot a rechargeable 9 Volt battery?

buy a battery charger

Can you use a 9 volt adapter to charge a 19 volt notebook battery?


What is the difference between a 9 volt battery riding car and a 12 volt battery car?

One is 9 volts and the other is 12 volts. They do not interchange!

Can you charge a 9 volt battery with a 12 volt charger?

no, there is a high probability that it will explode

Where can you find DC elcectricity?

a 9 volt battery

Can a 9 volt battery pop your tonung?

of course it can.

Is a 9 volt battery a motor?

No, but it can power one

Can a 9 volt battery cause a fire?


Whats the difference of using 4.5 volt battery instead of 9 volt battery in electronic devices?

the device may not work

Does a 9 volt battery have more power than a 6 volt battery?

Power or energy cannot be measured in volts. The only thing you can say is one - the 9 volt battery - has a higher voltage than the other, the 6 volt battery. If you are asking about the power or energy contained in a battery, then the amount iof energy it can supply depends mostly on its physical size that is determined by the battery "type".

Can you use a 9.6 volt DC drill battery to extend the life of a standard 9 volt DC electronic item?

no, a 9 volt battery is small (goes in a smoke detector) a 9.6 volt battery is much larger, and it is not a DC battery (direct current) but NiCd (nickel cadmium.) two totally different things.

Whats in a nine volt battery?

There are 6 ea. 1.5 volt batteries (AAA) in a 9 Volt battery. Rip one open. It's a cool invention.

How long does it take to charge a 9 volt for a paintball gun?

for a rechargable 9 volt, about 4 hours for full battery.

What's the difference between a 9 volt and a 9.6 volt battery?

Nominally 0.6 volts is.