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No. An AB neg can receive blood from any blood group with a negative Rh (A neg, B neg, AB neg, O neg).

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Q: Can AB negative receive AB positive blood?
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Can people with AB positive blood receive O positive blood?

Yes, people with AB positive blood can receive O positive blood. In fact, AB+ can receive *any* blood, A, B, O, or AB, positive or negative. It is the other blood types that have restrictions.

AB positive blood group and what should be your life partner's blood group?

Anyone. AB can receive from anyone and positive can receive from positive and negative.

Universal receiver can receive blood from?

If you are AB positive (AB+ is universal receiver for positive blood group) then you can receive blood from A+, B+ & O+ & if you are AB negative then you cn receive blood from A-, B- & O-.

Is O positive compatiable with AB negative?

If you have type O positive blood, then you can't receive type AB negative blood. However, you can give type O positive blood to someone with type AB positive blood.

Is it life threatening for someone who is ab positive to receive ab negative blood?


Are AB- are also universal acceptors?

No; they can receive any negative blood, but not positive blood.

When donating ab negative blood can this be used for people with other blood types both positive and negative?

no. AB- can only be given to AB- or AB+ but you can receive AB-, A-, B-, O-

Individuals with type ab blood can donate blood to individuals with which blood types?

AB positive can donate to AB positive. AB negative to AB negative and AB positive.

Can ab negative receive o positive for a kidney transplant?

No. Negative blood types must receive negative blood. AB- can receive AB-, A-, B-, or O- blood.Special blood types are AB+ (universal recipient) which can receive any blood type but only give to AB+, and O- (universal donor) which can give to any blood type but must receive only O- blood.

Is blood type O positive compatible with AB negative?

No. You may receive from O positive and O negative only. A, B, and AB +/- would clot your blood and kill you.

Can ab neg receive o positive blood?

No. An AB neg can receive blood from any blood group with a negative Rh (A neg, B neg, AB neg, O neg).

What kind of blood can you receive if you have ab negative?

ab negative

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