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You can connect Android apps with iPod apps, but not all of them.

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There are both free and paid apps available for android phones.

Try some wireless connection apps for laptop and Android phone connection, such as Web PC Suite.1.Download and install it on your phone.Here is the Google Play link:Android Apps on Google Play2.Connect your phone with laptop. Open the web addresses and scan the QR code to connect.3.Then you can transfer your files between Android devices and computer.

The android phone has some of the same apps, but not all, vice versa.

Yes. Android have their own format of apps (.apk) and they can only be run on android. Unless you have an android emulator on your computer.

you can get all the android apps on your PC visit this website softpcware com

You can find them on the android market under the free section. This will allow you to find the top free apps for your latest android phone. This is how I find the best android apps.

Apps can be downloaded on an LG Motion 4G phone. The LG Motion is an Android based phone. This means the phone is capable of downloaded paid and free apps available on the Android market.

This model is NOT an Android phone, so you can`t add Android apps to it.

Android apps are blurrier, crasier, and sometimes maliciously dangerous and can infect your entire phone with a virus over night.

Too many apps installed; try moving apps to S D card of your Android phone / device.

Of course not ! Your phone needs to be on to connect to the apps web-site !

Yes it's an android phone

No, iOS apps are developed in a different language to Android apps and aren't directly compatible. In multiplayer mode however, you can play with other users regardless if they have an Android or iOS device.

True the iphone does have more apps, but android has the most FREE! apps.

the iphone4 is better because the app world is more iPhone friendly then they are for android but as apps go an iPhone is able to access apps faster then the leading android phone.

Yes, android phones are able to download thousands of apps very much simular to the IPhone. Some of the apps are exactly the same while others are unique to the android market.

Yes- if you are concerned, Crowcom has a list of Antivirus apps for your phone.

Yes that is the default way of buying apps on Android Market. If you are on contract it will be charged at the end of the month

Google Play offers a number of apps that allow you to track your Android software. The list of their android tracking apps can be found at

The Android helps communicate with others, lets you go on the internet and get apps all from your phone

You have to install the software on both your PC and Android phone.

Yes. It's not the phone that you get the apps off of, it's android. Not to say it works on every android phone but this is a high end phone. If you want to get the phone and want to know what apps you can get, go to

Obviously, The best place to for android apps is android market place. The official platform to download every app of android but not those which were suspended because for violating rules. Many good apps were suspended from Android market just because of policy issues even people liked those apps a lot but still they did it. On the whole one can find more than 85% android apps on Android market place.

To move the apps from phone storage to SD card in Android mobile go to the application manager where you will see the move to SD card option.